Qunny - Cover to protect through airport baggage?

I bought the Quinny Buzz and are about to travel a lot and need to check in the carrycot at least (my son is only 6 weeks old so car seats etc are not great). As the Buzz does not come with any covers (unlike the Bugaboo that I had with my first daughter but I thought the Buzz is better to handle...hmmm) for check-in, can someone suggest a solution for us? Thank you in advance


  • I replied where you mentioned it in the other thread, hold on I'll copy and paste what I said x
  • don't take an expensive pushchair to the airport!!!! They'll ruin it on you, happened to us, had to take our 6 wk old son to a hospital appointment that required us to catch a plane there as it was far away and we wanted home the same day, and the pram was mangled. If I ever had to do it again, I would buy the cheapest lie flat pushchair I could find to use, at least they wouldn't be ruining a ??600 bugaboo or buzz. They did refund us but that took another 6 weeks image
  • Completely agree with mumplusbump. Everytime we have been abroad either ours or someone elses pushchair has always come out from the plane mangled or extremely dirty that you cannot clean!. We did buy a lie flat buggy when travelling as it is also a lot easier to put down and hold with a lot of baggage too. Plus some airlines can be quite funny with the size of the pushchair you take on!

    Hope this helps xx
  • Thank you very much.
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