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Does the Maxi Cosi (9 months +) fit the quinny pram???

I have the maxi cosi car seat but although my little boy is only 5 months old he seems to be outgrowing it and would like to purchase the next one up i.e 9 months plus but does anybody know if this fits onto the quinny buzz pram? Any advice would be much appreciated! X


  • Just to add, unless his head is over the back of the seat it is much safer to keep him rearward facing. My little boy is nearly 9 months old, well over 9kg (the minimum weight for the bigger seats) and still travels rearward facing as it is safer.
  • Yes, please be careful not to move him to forward facing too soon! I worked for an independent nursery retailer and soooo many people would come for the next stage car seat way before baby was ready. They need to have good neck and back strength and development. Otherwise their neck would break if you had an accident and their head was jolted forward (I don't want to scare anyone by saying this, its just so important for safety). Once baby is sitting unaided and can reach out for things and get to sitting straight again then you are much safer. Also wait until their head is out of the frame of the seat, if it is its time to move them. Their feet will end up kicking the back of the seat (if that makes sencse?), and lots of people think because their legs areout of the car seat and kicking the seat its a problem, but they're actually strenghening their back doing this.
    Have you taken the head hugger/extra padding out of the seat? Sounds obvious but actually loads of people don't and then when they do they see how much extra room they have.
    Hope that helps! xx
  • Thanks so much for all your help here, I went to Mothercare today and they were useless -too busy chatting and I gave up waiting! I am definately going to wait now until he is closer to 9 months as I hadn't realised about the safety aspect of getting one too soon - this has been really useful advice xx
  • Hi - Honestly wait as long as pos. My lo has always been long and big for his age (80cm at 10 months! and was the min weight for the next stage seat at 8 months) and we didnt move him to a forward facing one until he was one. there was no need.His head wasn't so it was still safest option. And I use to carry him from car to house when he fell aspleep - i struggled with weight but easier than trying not to wake him!
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