Angelcare Sound & Movement or Summer Infant Video Monitor

Hi Girls I know it's been posted before about monitors
Was all set to get the angelcare sensor monitor but Boots have a special offer on the video monitor.
On the one hand I think the sensor would be great and on other hand I liike the idea of video, which would you go for given the choice?


Em x


  • I have recently regretting not buying a video monitor. LO is 6 months now and I'm finding that when we put her up to bed she sometimes whinges just to get more attention, but then there are times she has moved herself sideways in her cot and is all cramped up. If we had a video monitor I would be able to know when she genuinely needs us or if she's just playing up.

    I think though that if you were so set on the sensor monitor to begin with you might end up stressing unnecessarily if you don't get it?

    good luck whatever you choose! x
  • Hi I have the Tommee Tippee sensor monitor which is the same thing as the angelcare one, I bought mine because I wanted reassurance when both me and my lo were sleeping which the video one is not so good for. I also knew I would end up watching the screen rather than doing anything else with a video monitor.
  • hi we had the angel baby care monitor and it was great - very reassuring - cannot recommend enough - will be using again with no. 3 but a monitor sounds good but more a luxury for us.
  • Thanks everyone, I think the monitor was the luxury I would have liked as an extra. If money was no object I'd have both or one that combines the lot but looks like I will be much happier with the angelcare sensor mat.

    Lottie78 - like you I also wondered if I'd get distracted by staring at the screen.

    x5ammiebabyx - good luck with the baby making.
  • I have the Summer video monitor and it's fab! Yes you can get a little interference from mobile phones and microwave but no more than any other analogue monitor. Unlike the one that *5ammiebaby* won, the picture on this is very clear even when the room is pitch black. I do watch the monitor quite a bit but now she is getting bigger it's great cos I can see if she's crying because she's got herself stuck and just go in and move her back. You can even see the covers moving as she breathes too so that is re-assuring!
  • I have the angel monitor and its great, very reasureing and i love the digital thermometer that comes with it and the night light. Fab invention! xxx
  • I have the angelcare monitor and i think its brilliant, it really gave me piece of mind when lo was younger and started to sleep for longer periods and when i put him in his own room.
  • we have just bought the new flat screen summer infant monitor. We spent last w/e looking into video monitors as we have read/heard lots of good feedback regarding video monitors. Unfortunately its not avaliable in he UK at the moment. However, we managed to find one on ebay who delivered to the uk. so hubby is now a happy bunny! xxx

  • hi. Ive got the older version of the monitor coz i had it for my 3 year old as well and mine worked in the moses basket.
  • I was lent the older angelcare monitor and would definately recommend it. I think it said that it would not work in a moses basket but we used it and it worked just fine.
    I would not be without this monitor and can not recommend it highly enough, I found it very reasuring especially after the recent storyline of cot death on emmerdale.
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