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does anyone know a effective way to get rid of cradle cap?

hi everyone does anyone no an effective way to get rid of cradle cap any suggestions please. My baby is 2 month old with quite long hair if that helps. Thank u. Laura x x


  • Detronox cradle cap shampoo. its great worked after second wash for Eva and now use once a week to keep away
  • Soak a piece of cotton wool with baby oil and rub all over babys scalp, leave it on for a few minutes then wash babies hair with cradle cap shampoo. After doing this a few times the cradle cap just goes!! xx
  • hi i used dentinox cradle cap, but then my mum said put olive oil on his head overnight and then in morn it has all kind of lifted up and you can pick it off...sounds harsh but it didnt bother him one bit. about 2 nights of doing this and it was gone. he was a bit older when i did it though x
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