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Hello ladies - I have been advised to buy a TENS machine for the early stages of labour as they are an absolute god send according to some. Spoke to my health visitor and said it's up to me on whether I want to invest in something that may or may not work but if I get one to ensure it's got the 4 cleansing pads and not disposable ones. She said to hire one from boots for about 25/30 quid but I've seen them for sale on ebay for around 40 so was thinking I may do that. Has anybody has any experience of these and do they work or do you think it's all just about your state of mind? Any opinions on this would be much appreciated...I'm now 35 weeks with my first baby and can't wait for it all to be over ! XX


  • I bought a new one on Ebay for ??52 and, after I had Lo, sold it for ??40 so, only really cost me ??12. You can't hire them for that!. I found it a real boon. It helped mask the sharpness of the pain and gave me something else to concentrate on. I had the Elle Tens with the boost button and swore by it. Hope that helps.
  • hey,

    i hired an elle tens http://www.babycaretens.com/acatalog/Elle_TENS.html

    went for the top option, i found that it was great and used it up until i had an eidural (long complicated birth)

    for me it did kind of feel like a distraction from the contraction as you get a strong vibration from the pads but i also believe it did help with the pain. I suggest you try it on an arm first! i presume the pads were dispoble but i used them on a couple of false alarms before the real thing and i could just dampen the pad if it lost it's stick

    definatly worth the money!
  • Thanks for your fab replies chicks, I am definately gonna buy one now - I'm getting so nervous as I'm a total wimp when it comes to pain, hope you are well XX

  • definitely get one and get it off ebay. If the one you want doesn't come with pads then you can get a new set for about a fiver off there too.

    One quick tip however, check the settings before you do a test! Mine said to do a test so you know how it works BEFORE labour. Good plan I thought. I get out the pads, hook the thing up, put pads on my arm and turn it on. Ooops. Did not check the setting first and it was on 10. Nearly blew my arm off. Surprised I didn't go into labour there and then.

    Second tip, think about what you wear when you go to hospital if you want to wear your tens. I had an extremely comfy long dress on. Not good when you have to get the booster button wires etc into your hand!

    This is all obvious stuff, yes BUT I have heaps of qualifications and a very serious job and still couldn't see the wood for the trees. baby brain is great.

    good luck

    emily 23+4 with no.2
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