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Changing Bags

Hi All ,

Just thought I would share this with you. I always found it a pain carrying a changing bag and much prefered using my own handbags and just put things in zip lock bags or wash bags until I came across the Pish Posh Mommy Carryall. It comes in stunning prints and fits perfectly into your handbag - it organizes all your baby bits in different compartments. My son is now 20 months old and went I go out all I need is wipes, nappies, nappy cream and so I use the Pish Posh Mommy Nappy Clutch and that fits in my handbag so when Im off for a nappy change all I do is pull out my nappy clutch from my Handbag. This is their website

Hope u find this as useful as I did!

Enjoy x


  • Hi there

    Just want to say thanks! I bought a bag from New Look that I wanted to use as a changing bag with a toilet bag inside. The bags from pishposh are perfect! I will definately be getting one! image
  • cool enjoy! Got myself the Valencia print and i love it!! everytime I pull it out my bag I get loads of comments and I originally bought it from the US but got so excited when I saw it has come to the UK! image
  • Thank You for giving the information. The website contains varieties of products with unique features.

  • BabyBeau offer a similar concept to Pish Posh. Each changing bag comes with a removable baby insert and the bags are quite stylish

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