Maternity Tankini = Cheapest place to buy???

Just having a look around online and maternity tankinis look really expensive. Even on ebay they go for silly prices for 2nd hand.

Anyone know of anywhere fairly reasonable, as don't want to pay ??30.00 for a set as not in it that long. Thanks in advance.

Chelle xxx


  • Hiya,
    Was on the mothercare website the other day and they had some in the sale can't remember how much they were tho. Or would it b worth tryin a tankini in a bigger size from sumwhere like primark? not sure wot the fit would b like but jst a thought!
  • I would keep your eye on e bay, I just sold 2 on there and got ??4 for one and ??3.50 for the other!!
    Non maternity ones look funny (unless of course you like having your bump out!) as they aren't long enough at the front.
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