Lloyds chemist TENS machine

Hiya, Has anyone seen the TENS machine in Lloyds chemist for ??14.99. i think that is to buy not to rent. Do you think it can be any good for that price? Also, i just dont see how these things can work but every birth story ive read in a magazine mentions using one. What do you think?


  • Had a look at this one the other day and it say's on the packaging not suitable for use during pregnancy or labour, better to tbe safe than sorry and check it with the pharmacist.

    My friend used a TENS machine during labour and found it really useful for the early stages.
  • Thanks for that - i only caught the end of the ad so wasnt sure - just checked on the net and its not suitable for labour or preanant women. bummer - would have been a real bargain!
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