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quinny buzz


i have just ordered the 2007 quinny buzz and i am baffled by the different info im finding. Is the new soft seat suitable from birth? some say it is and some dont state an age. ive been on the quinny website and they dont even say what age the seat unit is from, the 2006 models seat was suitable from 6 months

thanx pam


  • Hi - Its suitable from birth - although I suspect most people will use the car seat at first.
    I have not used mine with the baby as yet, though spent an awful lot of time researching it. I have also spent time practising how it all works so I vaguely know what I am doing when little one arrives!I got mine from for ??250 with free delievery and also though greasy palm website as they give cashback. I got the footmuff on eBay for ??15 and the car seat/base for ??158 from Babyworld website.
    The Quinny itself is one of the lighter weigh pushchairs I found and also you can take all the wheels off if necessary so you don't have to have a massive car boot.
    The adjusting handle is great as we can alter it for OH who's a lot taller than me.. I have put a shopping bag/hammock underneath which I got off eBay for ??13 so I can carry shopping back from Tesco!
    Hope all this helps
  • thanx for that trace, i have got the car seat from the last one but didnt really want to spend another 100 at least on a carrycot if avoidable.
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