hi this is my 1st baby

hi am haveing a boy do u no were a can get the best stuff 4 him like 4 his nusery plez thanks xxxx


  • hi, congratulations there is a site kiddiecare.com it does everything you need for baby.
  • Hi,

    You could try www.bumpto3.com. I got loads of stuff from this site and it's reasonably priced too
  • thanks how far are yous like am due in july 14th a wekk after my bday xx
  • ive already had mine daughter nicole is coming 3 and son cavan 9 weeks, not allowed any more oh would leave the country if there was a 3rd lol.
  • lol. is that ur daughter ther she cute. wat was ur 1st prgnancy like ??
  • yeah thats her, shes turning into a wee s**t, wont listen or do as she is told, you have all this to look forward to lol, m 1st pregnancy was great no problems, 2nd was a nightmare, bad hips couldnt walk the length of myself, should have known he was a boy. hows yours going so far.
  • my hips hert to but av had problems since a was about 13 years old. but every thing is going wel so far n hope probaly have a bad labour tho coz av bin told if u have easy pregnancy u hav hard bith is that true?? as 4 ur daughter she will b hitten terribale 2s is she lol. yake care xxxx
  • hi chucky don't worry to much about your daughter my little girl was awonderful two year old she hit three and became the devil incarnate just be firm and stick to your boundries and she will get over it eventually.....anita p.s toni, i got a lot of nursery things from Boots online or in the larger stores they got some lovely nursery bits.
  • hi toni, i had an epidural with her but it was longer than 2nd time round, took longer to get her out but it wasnt that bad....... anita, i try and all i can seem to do is scream at her then feel guilty but with a baby aswell its tiring, wonder how long the terrible twos last, hopefully not to long, im sure my neighbours wonder what the hell is going on in my house, me and her screaming.
  • www.babyelegance.com were at the xcel baby show, I was impressed witht their range & prices. They had some intersting bedding for cots & moses baskets too
  • ebay is great if you dont mind second hand. we have a mixture of new and second hand. we got a cotbed for ??40! excellent condition. good luck with your baby
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