Loola vs Switch

Hi I am not sure which pram to buy between the Bebe Confort Loola and the Mamas and Papas Pliko Switch.???? Can you give me your advise please?

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  • Hi i don't really know about the Loola but i have the pilko switch. Not used it yet as still pregnant but am really pleased with it, love it that you can have push chair facing both ways, can Loola do that too? It is really easy to change around and the pramette is not a bad size and cosy. With the car seat it goes straight on the frame without the need for the pushchair/pram part. I can imagine this would be useful if your not out for long as you don't have to take everything with you. Only thing is the price, we were lucky we got a one that had been used only once of ebay and we paid ??270 for pram, car seat and all the extras! So def look out for deals on ebay! Good luck snd happy shopping!
    Poppy x
  • Thanks for your reply.???? I think I might go with the Pliko Switch and I'll have a wee look on ebay too.????
  • Hi, I've just bought the bebe confort loola 2008 after been recommended it by a friend and have got to say I absolutely love it and so does my son. He's a big boy for 12 weeks old and I can see there is loads of room for him to grow into it. I love him been able to face me and to switch it from forward to rear facing is so easy. I test drove the pushchair in the shop wthout asking for any assistance and workd the whole thing out, it was very easy. I bought mine from Mothercare but www.twoleftfeet.co.uk often do very good prices on all baby things, just check on the delivery times 1st before ordering. The shopping basket is easy to get to also when he is in the lying position and i've managed to put a baby baby, the kids coats and all sorts under there at the same time. Hope this helps. Leila x
  • My sister has the Loola and hates it to the point that she carries the baby around rather than use it to go to the shops.
    Apparently its heavy & doesn't fold down small enough.
  • That's a shame, guess we all have different opinions. I use it all the time for town and find it folds up not dissimilar to a Maclaren I used to have. It is a bit heavy though, but only for lifting.
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