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Best Maternity Pads for the first week after birth


Please let me know which is the best maternity towel to use for the first week after childbirth?


  • I have had two children and used boots maternity pads. Only because they were just the ones I bought. Look like bricks but they can bring comfort to the very sore region. Another thing I did was bathed or washed the area in dettol for the first few days several times a day. This makes you feel cleaner and my stitches healed fast. Hope this helps a little.
    Good luck!
  • the ones the hoeptial will provide for you as they are huge and absorbent. Otherwise mothercare's own - not fancy ones and definately none with mesh, wings etc just huge old mattress type ones - you will use loads!
  • I found the tescos own (pink packet) the most comfy out of all the ones I had.x
  • I used the mothercare own brand and even though they were big and bulky i felt relief every time i changed it as it really cushions the tender bits after birth. x
  • I used Boots own and bathed in Lavendar oil twice a day to help with my stitches x x
  • I used mothercare and boots own they were the softest which is important if you have stitches.I went through loads.

  • i was the same as battie, i used boots own make ones as they are really padded and nice for stitches and the dettol really helps, jus 1-2 cap fulls for each bath helps them heal nicely. xx
  • I used mothercare own brand, they are huge but did the job, i had stitches and bathed in rock salt and badedas, its a herbal bubble bath which worked great.. my mw recommended it. god send! x
  • i used any that looked like bricks lol just to soak it all up.....the ones that i can honestly say were crap were always night time ones (used to use these years ago when my periods were mega heavy), the best ones out of the lot were maternity pads out of our local hubby had to keep going every couple of days to get me 3 or 4 more packs, hence the reason i used whatever was like a brick, sod trying to explain to him different types lol
  • where can i find the mother care or boots products in East London.

  • I didn't bother with maternity pads and used night time Always sanitary towels. They are pretty much the same thing and worked fine for me.

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