Tommee Tippee Steam Steriliser


Does anyone have this steriliser? If so, how the hell do you de-scale the thing lol!! I can't even find the right stuff to use!

Any suggestions would be great

Claire x.


  • I know what you mean. I have this as well and its hard to clean. I wipe it down with boiling water. My friend also has it and she used Milton Sterilising Fluid which I bought and am going to try. Its a good steriliser but can look dirty at times.
  • Oh no, I've bought this steriliser!!!!
  • I've got this one too and I have to say I wish I had bought the Avent IQ 24, am hoping mine breaks to give me a chance to replace it!
  • I have had no problems with mine at all. It is a good steriliser. It isn't that it is a bad steriliser its just that it needs to be cleaned often as do the others. The bottom where you put the water can get grubby but if you take care of it there should be no problems.
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