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Best price on Cameleon???

Had originally ordered a bugaboo bee for bub due in July but just established that the cameleon will actually fit in my boot with a bit of jiggling!!!

Just wondering how much everyone paid for theirs and where did you buy from. Any advice (pros/cons) welcomed too as finding it tricky to actually decide what to go for!

Thanks in advance,

Katstar xxx


  • hiya, cheapest i can find the cameleon for is ??597.45 from if you join the forum. x
  • I found some cheap on Peppermint
  • I got mine from kiddsave. The weekend I ordered it they had 10% everything. This was the cheapest place I found back in November. Think it was ??500 and something. xx
  • Hi Katstar we got ours from John Lewis as didn't want to buy it from internet site. They price match any internet compant that has a shop- and fix it if you have any problems.

    We looked at packages on the internet as knew we d have to buy extra accesories

    so we got the Bugaboo Cameleon
    Maxi cosi seat
    car adapters
    Easyfix base


    saved about ??180, you could price match with just the basic bugaboo but you will prob have to buy these things anyway.

    hope this is of some help

    Em x
  • Thanks girls for your help,

    Em, that sounds like a great idea as John Lewis is a good name to buy from and i didn't realise that they price-matched. That's fab

    Thanks again

    Katstar xxx
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