Bisphenol-A free bottles?!

Hi girls,

Hope all is well... I have 22 days left and im freaking out as I havent a clue which bottles to go for..

I have been told to go for Bisphenol-A free bottles such as MAM/ Born Free but wanted to know if they are any good?

I have bought the Avent ones but can return them as I havent removed them from the pack..

I was hoping I could get some feed back and perhaps advice on whether this Bisphenol-A thing is somethng I can ignore?!

Should I stick with Avent or not?

Claudia xx


  • Hi, I have AVENT bottles which are ok but I did have probs with them leaking & someone said they leak if you tighten them too much so I don't tighten them so much now & have had no further leaks!
    I have 4 MAM bottles too, the ones with the base that screws off (as bb had wind probs) & has a valve. If I was buying bottles again I would go for MAM, especially if breast feeding too as the teats are a good shape & silkly soft. Also them being Bis-A free is a bonus.
    The only way of avoiding any nasties is to not use plastic bottles at all & buy glass instead but I didn't as I couldn't source any in high street shops & they are dearer too.

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