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Advice on a double buggy please

Hiya girls ,

I'm looking for some advice or opinion about double buggy I've been offered please. I put a wanted ad for a twin or tandem on a local mums site and have been offered a good condition Mclaren Twin Techno for ??90. Have any of you used one, are they any good and do you think this is a fair offer? I'm thinking of getting a used one as my little un will be 19mths old and rarely goes in her buggy now so don't really wanna be paying out for new but I also don't want a crappy one.
I was originally looking for a tandem but have tried a few in stores and found them very heavy,again any advice on twin or tandem what do you think?
Ta ladies xxx


  • Hi, can't help with advice on the Mclaren twin. I tried a tandem which was so heavy and was hard to move about. I have got a twin from mamas and papas now and it fits our baby car seat. Its really easy to push and really light weight, i would recommend it. The only draw back is that some shops are a little more difficult to move round in it, that said in the shops i've has problems in, my single pram probably would have problems in to.
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