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anyone with a phil and teds???

Hi just wondering if any off you had a phil and teds and what they thought of it?

Could you answer some questions for me if you have one as im considering getting one when baby is around three months for walks etc.

-(I'd be using it as a single) Can a three month year old sit in the chair part?
- Do you find storage a problem as it looks bulky when folded?
-Does it weigh a ton?
-Does it need lots of tyre repairs?

I have a loola with car seat and carrycot that I dont really like anymore, I'm going to sell it after LO is three months and put her in something else. Maybe the phil and teds.
We live in a house with crap storage, no garage just a shed.

cheers xx


  • I've got one and I love it!
    The seat has 4 positions, one of which is a lie flat so you should have no problem getting lo comfy. Might be worth buying a headhugger if you want them to be able to sit up as the seat is quite wide. TBH mine lives in the car boot! I'm too lazy to keep fetching it in and out. It is quite big but all the wheels can be taken off to make it smaller and that really easy to do. Mine only seems heavy when it has both lo's in it!! As a single I think it is pretty light, it's an absolute dream to push and it's really good off road. I've had no problem with punctures, the wheels are just like bike tyres so you just have to keep an eye out for glass/thorns.
    Hope that helps
    Kerry xx
  • thanks bedhead thats great info. I really do fancy one, just got to convince OH now, we have a petite star zia (which I won) a silver cross pop and a loola. The loola is going so thats my excuse for the phil and teds! thought the zia would do for holidays and the pop for my mum as she will have LO once a week on returning to work. x
  • Yeah i agree with bedhead!

    I have mine as a double and it's the lightest double on the market you can buy, although it getting a bit hard to push now because the kids are getting bigger!!
    It's great off road too and i've had no problems with tyres either! I would recommend it to anyone. Personally i only bought it because i had to as it's the lightest double and i live in a very hilly area, if i was only buying a single pushchair this one wouldn't have crossed my mind because of the price. I don't drive so i have mine up in the house all the time cos i use it everyday back and to to school.
  • Hi there - I was going to get the Phil and Teds until a friend said unless you have two kids there is no point. So we've got the M&P Sport 03 Stroller which looks similar, is loads cheaper and looks cool too. Dead easy to collapse... great for walking not really a shopping vehicle though but neither is the P&T.
  • HI

    I'm just about to buy one . would recomend buying a second hand one on ebay like i have that way you can get the double and loads of accessories for just under ??300. i have aM&P Luna at the moment i have to now get a new pushchair as i am 4month preg and already have a lo thats 7m. I live in a second floor flat and have a stupid step to get in to the hallway that the front door opens on to so really awkward but would be even worse with a side by side!

    I have a Ford puma and it doesn't have much boot space and i had read that P&T could be very bulky. it fits in the boot fine but won't get much else in it. I also have SPD and found it fine very light to push around.

    I can't wait to get mine now.
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