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does the paint on white cots chip off easily?

hi, im looking to buy a white or cream cot bed but my only worry is the paint:\?. has anyone experience any difficulty using the white/cream cot bed? any advice/comments would be appreciated.


  • hi we have this cot from mothercare

    i know you said cotbed but just wanted to share my experience with the white wood. we have no chips or signs of the white coming off olivia always chews on the bar too. but most of the cots and cotbeds at mothercare come with protective teething rails our cot still looks brand new and olivia has been in it since the day she was born and has two naps everyday in there too. mothercare have some lovely cotbeds but if you maybe wanted a cot i can recommend this one and its on sale at mo for ??80 bargain.
  • Thanks for the reply....will go to mothercare on weekend to have a look image
  • hi ive got cotbed from toys r us its white and the ends have all chipped off.

    the teething rails are fine and protect it but as they have got bigger (ive got twins they are now just 2 but cot bed is meant to fit till they are 5) they have chewed the ends and its does look manky lol.

    Ive now got another lo and we have gone for plain wood this time

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