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Free Discount card!

Did you know you can get a completely free discount card which gets you money off all around town! There are restaurants, clothes shops, cafes listed too.

You can obtain a free discount card at:-

It seems that this company are registering over 300 new businesses a week. Cards are free for a limited period only, so why not get yours today?

I just found this on another mums website - and have signed up for free - they do discounts in a lot of my local shops x its worth checking for free x


  • Thanks! I am going to have a look!
  • its crap - there isnt a single place/thing you can get discount on in the whole of cumbria!!!!!
    load of rubbish if you ask me.

    there also isnt anything i can get discount on with it around my dads or MILs houses and they live in pretty big town/cities!

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