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Best Cot Bed / Recommended Cots?

I just wondered if anyone could recommend a good cot bed? We want to spend up to ??200 and I have no idea what to look for, what's good etc.

We'd like a white one

Any recommendations / advice anyone?


  • Hiya, we have got the "I love my bear" cot bed from Toys R Us, can't remember how much we paid for it though, but it is white.

    I would def recommnd going to somewhere like Mothercare or Toys R Us simply to try them out before you buy one.
    The one that I originally wanted I wasn't able to open and close it as my arms were too short (the openings were at each end) this one pulls up and out at the middle.

    Happy hunting.
  • Just bought the humphreys corner cotbed from Mothercares website. It should have been ??270, it was on their website for ??198. So snapped it up. Says it should last them until their 5 years
  • I really like mamas and papas furniture - its a doddle to put up, really sturdy and look great. How about this one?

  • i would definately recomend this cot from mothercare

    its on sale at the mo for ??80 too we bought the mattress from there think it was ??70-80 cant quite remember but its the foam spring breathable air one really good. it has a protective teething rail too great for when they can stand and start chewing the bar lol. bargain would have change left towards the bedding from ??200. we decided on a cot rather than cot bed as we wanted another one close gonna start trying in sept. new baby can go in cot then and olivia can have a big bed well childrens one anyway lol difference in price makes a huge difference too. my sister got a cotbed and my niece is 3 now and sleeps ina full size single bed she didnt like the cotbed when it went into the bed and it broke too easily and was more than double what we paid for our cot and mattress together but was prob just bad luck.

    hope this helps

    claire & olivia(9months)
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