help chossing buggy - streety....


I am looking at the bebeconfort streety as an option as it folds really small and is really good value, baby can face you and car seat attaches to chasis. I have a few questions and would really appreciate help
1 ) has anyone actually used the streety - i cant find any reviews and would love to know if it pushes well and if people have been happy with it

2) is it better to put the car seat on top of the buggy than onto the chasis - is it a pain to have to remove the pram from the chasis to put the car seat down?

3)is the car seat easy to take in and out (it soesnt have a base) - is it flat enough - should I rather spend more money getting a lie flat seat?

4)any other comments good or bad about the streety? this is my first baby and i want to get a nice buggy for the baby...



  • hi i don't have the streety but i have the loola up which is by the same company, and i love it!
    i don't have the car seat but in the shop i tried it on the chassis and it's really easy to click on so shouldn't be too much of a problem
    what car seat is it with the streety? if it's the creatis you can get bases for them - let me know if it is and i'll post a link
    i think there aren't many reviews cos its new out in the uk, obviously being a french brand it's been out in france for a while so if you know someone who speaks french look for some french reviews?? on holiday in france i saw lots of people using it so it must be good to have so many users! and they all looked pretty happy
    what i would say is it doesn't look very sturdy and the wheels are pretty small, tho i guess it must be ok to have passed the safety tests. maybe see if you can have a go with it in a shop and see how it feels
    hope that helps a little xxx

  • thanks sooo much - its really hard to choose a buggy, there is so much out there and really nice when people are helpful...will try out the french thing since i have family there (great idea!). its not the creatis car seat - the streety comes with its own car seat without a base, but it looked like it wouldnt be too hard to plug it in...
  • hi shulz001!
    i cannot help you on the bebconfort pram - sorry, but i suggest if you can find out the safety rating for a lie flat car seat - i have the Jane (han-ay!) matrix (lie flat) and after finding out it only had a 10% safety rating (by Which?), i went and got the rebel car seat instead!
  • ollier2001 that is disgraceful!! jane are supposed to be a good brand, and for their prices!! i love your pronounciation guide btw lol

    shulz001 - i'm here to help, it's such a hard decision to make i think all us mums need to do our bit by giving what advice we can!
    i've been at my parents today and saw which? magazine on their table and it said child car seats sooo i looked aaand... the streety seat is 6th best for newborns!! it got 4 stars for overall in crash (only 2 seats got 5 stars) and overall score of 70% i think it was. it was the june magazine so should be in smiths if you want to check out its full rating without forking out for the mag ;\)
    wow you're so lucky having family over there, you must love visiting them!! xxx

  • hi susie_bean! i know off the topic, and i do apologise - i hope i'm not being rude, but i keep looking at your scan pic (i'm not to hot with these, sorry!) do you have 3 of them cooking in your tum? - it's also with your preg time line "three beans"? sorry if i have offended your pic, like i said, i'm not too good with scan pics! if yes - wow! congratulations, especially with Skyler Rae being a Congrats too at 3 months old!!
  • hi susie_bean. just seen another post on a different topic! congratulations are in order then with 3 beautiful babes inside! aren't you clever!!
  • thanks susie_bean - i think i will look up the mag - sounds like a plan... (this is the link on the au feminin website - a bit like baby expert but in french, which has streety reviews on it for all those french speakers out there - its quite good. I think i might go for the streety, sounds like a good package
  • aww thanks ollier2001, absolutely no offence taken whatsoever. i know what you mean about not being able to tell whats what with scans tho, my best friend got pregnant when she was 16 and i went to her first scan with her, she was so emotional and like wow look at my baby and all i could see was a grey fuzz LOL! tho i'm not sure i'm clever - i think you mean mad / stupid!!

    shulz001 - that site's really good! my french isn't exactly tip-top, i just did it to a level, but i could get the gist of what they're saying so i feel well proud of myself lol. i wish the streety had been out when i was looking, so much cheaper than the loola! good luck with whatever you decide to get xxx

  • you've probably already checked this out, but it is so much cheaper on kiddicare than mothercare and comes with exactly the same things: (that's the red one, they do have black and pink too) xxx

  • Hi,
    I bought the Streety last month babe not due til August but have had great fun playing with it - wanted to check that I knew how to use it - really freaks dh out though!

    I have a really small car (Fiat ciquento) and it fits in the boot without taking the parcel shelf out. Got it from Kiddicare and they showed me how to fit the carseat and let me check it did all fit in the boot. You don't need a base with the carseat and it's won some safety award which please dh!

    It's really light and folds down easily - easier to fold with the wheels in a fixed position. In pram mode I find it easier to take the top off before folding it down but it does fold with it attached - facing away from you - but dead easy to swivel it around.

    Practice before you use it as some of the fastenings are a little stiff initially with it being new. But great value for money bought in store and only cost ??192 compared to ??260 at Toys R Us.

    Hope this helps x
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