disposable knickers

hi, just wanted to recommend these for after birth, i have always had them after mine. they don't look very attractive at all but i'm sure looking sexy is the last thing on your mind at that time. at least if you leak on them you can bin them and save ruining your others. xx


  • i bought some, but then when i tried them on they as so uncomfy and horrible i threw then away and just bought some cheap granny pants which will go in the bin when finished with x x
  • Hi michelle, hows your littleboy getting in at school? I agree with you about dsposable knickers. I thought they were great for after the birth. Its a pity they dont make them for men!!

    Hilary x
  • hi hilary,
    he's been ok so far (i think)!!! the teacher did say on friday when i picked him up, 'he is a live wire, i don't know how you cope'! what she really meant was that he was being a pain in the arse!!!!!
    hope your ok xx
  • disposable knickers are fab, they are THE ugliest things i have ever seen but they do the job nicely. i only wore them for the first 2 days after birth though the bleeding slowed quite a bit then.
    regarding your son michelle605, dont worry about it. my daughter has always been a 'live wire' and i had the same comments when she started school at 3 last year. after she had been there a couple of terms she calmed down alot. tbh id rather her be a live wire than really shy and withdrawn sat in the corner by herself.
  • he just goes off on one when he is tired, he has been going since jan this year but after 6 wks off and a new teacher it must be a bit strange for him, your right about him being not being shy he doesn't care what he says or who to!!!!
    thanks toni xxx
  • cheap knickers all the way. primark is fab! i feel a bit like there spokesperson on here, when ever there is a thread about clothing its always me going 'oh yeah primark' i promise i dont work for them, as has been pointed out to me by my dh i just sit around all day! nice! it must be the fairys that do the washing and washing up and cleaning and look after the baby and walk the dog! i dont know about you guys but i never get to finish a brew!
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