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Single VS Two handed drop side cots

Hi guys, i'm a 20wk 1st pregnant mum 2 b and would appreciate some help with the cot issue...
Could someone tell me the pros & cons to single handed drop side and two handed drop side cots?? at the moment hubby and i r struggling to see the differences to them????!!!!!! surley you can leave cot side down when baby is not in it and when it is in the cot you have 2 free hands to operate the sides.....
please help.... confused !!!!:\?:\?:\?


  • I don't think it makes much difference, although my hubby does consistently forget to drop the cot side (we didn't have a drop side for our first) so I do end up doing it one handed. I've found that with ours, although not technically a one handed one, I can easily undo one end, then undo the other end and drop it down.
  • Thanx Bedhead, apreciate advice :0)
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