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Problems with fitting car seat in my car.Can anyone help?

hi everyone ,
i waa just wondering if anyone out there have had the same problem and would know what I could do. Me and my other half have found a silver cross travel system that we really like , but the one problem with have is that it wont fit in my S reg Ford Fiesta. We have tried all of the belts and they are all too short , has anyone else had this problem? & if so how did they get round it? as me and my other half really like this travel system and can't agree on anything else we like.


  • We had the same problem with oh old car, nothing would fit because of his stupid short seatbelts. The only solution we found was to buy a seat with an in car base as these need shorter belts to fit. Not sure if silvercross do a base so this may not help but might be worth checking
  • Hi ya,

    thanks for the reply.
    i phoned silver cross and they dont do the bases for any of their systems , so I guess I'l have to try and persuade my partner to get the mamas and papas one I like.
    cheers for the info xxxxxxx
  • Sounds like every cloud has a silver lining! Either persuade him to get the Mamas and Papas or a new car :lol:

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  • i found that seat belt was a bit too short in back of car but not front. we have a toyota carina. i have the silver cross 3d
  • We have a 2002 Fiesta and my daughter has a Silvercross Ventura Plus baby car seat.  We found that the side rear seat belts do not fit but the middle rear seat belt does.  You might have to tilt the baby car seat forward slightly to get the middle belt around the back of it but once the belt is in place, the seat can be set in its proper position and there is even a bit of slack in the belt to take up.  I certainly wouldn't swap my Fiesta just because Silvercross make ridiculously priced baby seats that can't fit into quite a few makes of car. 

  • I've got an Evenflo Journey car seat/stroller. The thing has been excellent for multiple children. It is much smaller than some of the car seats other moms have that I have seen around. My husband got me a mid sized SUV before the children, so maybe that is why we haven't had a space problem with the car seat. I would reccomend looking for a smaller car seat system for your baby.

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