'mummy' cars!

hey! has anyone got any recommendations on a 'mummy' car!?

I'm looking far somethingt relatively large, with as much boot space as possible that isn't like driving a boulder. I test drove a vectra as it seemed perfect but i didn't like it. Anyone have something spectacular to recommend? xxxx


  • hiya, iv got a meriva. its not exactly exciting but very practicle. great boot, fits the dog and pushchair. it has 3 proper seat belts in the back, always handy. back seats recline as well so if your older lo falls asleep you can tip them back just enough to stop them falling forward and it nice and high up so no bending to get them in car seats and the thing i like best is the fact you are driving position, feels nice and high, great if your a short arse like me.
  • I've got the Zafira and I LOVE it! Wish I'd had one years ago. Great for getting Lo and all her paraphinalia about, can still take my Mum, sister, nephew, niece out at the same time as Lo and I can use it like a van for my decorating business! My ladders fit in it perfectly as do 2m lengths of timber and skirting, it's lovely to drive and I can get my 80 year old, wheelchair-bound Grandad in and out of it with little fuss as the seats are that bit higher off the ground! What a car!!!
  • Oooh. I was just about to type in the i test drove a Zafira the other day! I love it too!

    I think if i find one i can afford i'm gonnna do my best to get one! image Thanks!! xxx
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