Nursery Furniture - soooo expensive - any tips of bargains??

Just been look at nursery furniture sets, we would like a cotbed and a wardrobe and a dresser/changing top - I like white or cream really.

Had a look in major shops websites and everything is soooo expensive, I'm a bit early looking but want to buy it soon, so to spread the cost.

Does anyone know anywhere that's reasonable as the cheapest set I can find is ??500.00

Any tips appreciated. thanks


  • We bought a cotbed and then got a normal size wardrobe and drawer unit from MFI, we decided that i would last longer this way.
    I didn't get a changing unit and am quite glad i didn't as it wouldn't have suited us because my lo is a right wriggler when having nappy changes and you need so many hands to hold her on so i prefer to change her on a mat on the floor.

    If you do want baby furniture try Argos or Ikea they have quite good prices and may still have a sale.
  • We got all Millies furniture from Ikea. We bought a cot, changing station (also a chest of drawers), wardrobe, toy box, bookcase and chair and footstool for me to feed in for about ??500. They have a really nice set in white at the minute that we looked at for this baby but then we managed to get a bargin in the sale somewhere else. They don't do cotbeds but they do toddler sized beds to match and they are so cheap it is probably cheaper to buy the cot and bed than get a cot bed from somewhere else.
  • ive noticed that ikea is cheap of these things. we done the same as sillymoo. we bought a furniture package from mfi which cost ??200 fo the wardrobe with 2 drawers/ 3 drawer chest and a wee bedside cabinet with 2 drawers. she obviously too small for bedside one but i use it for her wee sock and stuff. we spent quite a bit on a cotbed but im sure you can pick them up quite cheap. altogether ours cost ??470 but if i had bought the furniture that goes with the cotbed it would have cost ??995. so a big saving and the furniture to go with the cot wasnt even that good quality. i think the mfi one will do a while.xx
  • Hi,
    Have you tried babies are us. I know in their windsor range they do it in white and a honey colour. it is very reasonably priced and currently half price. We brought the cot bed in honey for ??99. They do a matching changing station for ??49 and a wardrobe/tallboy for ??199.
    I also bought a rocking crib from our local adtrader for ??25 . It is in mint condition. It should have cost ??69 from mothercare and I have to say the one I have bought second hand looks better than the one they had on display. I bought a new mattress for it for ??11.99. I feel i have got a real bargain.
    it does not bother me that it is second hand as I know the babies are not in them for long and when I have finished with it I shall sell it on again.
    Hope this helps,
    Mary & twinkle xx
  • hi i brought my lo furniture from argos- i got it in pine but it also comes in white. it is called salisbury and comes with cotbed, wardrobe, chest of draws with changing top, and a large draw for under the bed. i love it, it went together really well and looks great. best of all only cost ??399. x
  • hi crilly do you remember the ebay shop seller's name? chelle x
  • hi i bought the same as Lisa 1611 its a beatifull set for the money and it comes in white aswell. I have mine in pine and it is solid wood. We went round LOADS of places for nursery furniture and although we didnt really have a budget , my boyfriend is a carpenter so was checking out the quality of wood etc. I struggled to find anything under ??1000 for a cot bed drawers and changer and a wardrobe. The argos set is ??399 a real bargain it looks great and will last for few years too not like some of mamas and papas cheaper range really cheap and flimsy looking. And becouse of price my inlaws offered to pay for it which was fabulous as it cost us nothing!
  • hi! I was looking on tesco direct website yesterday and they have some really cheap sets on their.. if memory serves me right some of them were in the sale too! There was defo a set on their.. single wardrobe, dresser and cot for ??199. Might be worth checking the site out?!

  • Thanks peeps. Finally got a nice 2nd hand set in great condition for ??100 got to get a cotbed now though. It's a cream set off of ebay and is brilliant - and saved a fortune.
  • argos sell some good wardrobes and stuff... ??74 for a really nice two door, three drawed wardrobe in pine. They have a range of colours, think the brand is malibu.
    as for the cot... have a look at ikea, mothercare and argos... they have a few good budget ones in there x
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