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Cleaning Pushchairs/Travel Systems

Can you help with a bit of research i'm doing please?

I have noticed that pushchairs can rarely be totally stripped down to be cleaned as the fabric is usually screwed to the frame. Sponge cleaning only goes so far and they can start to look quite grubby and your only choice seems to be to buy another one (Clever Manufacturer's!)

Is anyone aware of a place that can 'valet' pushchairs properly (ie Strip and clean fabric parts, frame and chassis)? Is it a service you would be interested in using? If so, how much would you expect to pay? Would a collection service and loan of a replacement pushchair/travel system make you more likely to use the service?

I hope you can help!


  • I am afraid that I have a Bugaboo and that can be completely taken off and cleaned. Sorry!

    To try and help you a bit more, if I didn't have a Bugaboo then I don't think it would be something I would use. Pushchairs get dirty and I don't think I would be that fussed about it being gleaming clean all the time. The only time I would consider it would be if I was going to sell the pushchair - to try and get the most money for it. Or if I was using the pushchair for a second child and it had been in storage for a while.

    I have been honest so I hope that helps. x
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