where can i get materinty pillows

not even sure which type is best to get, anyone got any idea


  • we got ours off e bay and was only ??8 and worth its weight in gold image
  • having a look on ebay now thanks
  • mothercare do a body length one for ??25 i loved it as it made sleep more comfortable i also got a support cushion from there for ??20 i used it for b/f in the early days and to get comfy on the sofa when preggers, i still use em now!. xx
  • I've got the body length one from mothercare (??25), it's really comfy, the only thing it's like having an extra person in the bed. I'll have to chuck oh out of the bed as I get bigger, him or the pillow?!?! The pillow wins!
  • i got the body length one but i got it from dunelm and it was ??16 so cheaper than mothercare and it came with a pillow case.
  • try www.kiddicare.com
  • I got the body pillow from Mothercare when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. I was reluctant to pay out ??25, but must admit it was money well spent! My husband isn't too pleased as it takes up so much room (I've nicknamed it Dave!)
  • Hi ya i got a double sided one from blooming marvellous cant remember the price about ??30 i think, and it was ok but during the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy nothing made me comfortable. Good luck x
  • thanks everyone. i finally got a jojo mama one from ebay. really cheap too. thanks
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