Nappy Wrappers?


I have seen Nappy Wrappers from Tommee Tippee & Boots for sale in loads of places & was wondering what people think about them - the refills seem to be expensive.

What do you reckon - is it worth while getting one?:


  • I got mine in the sale from mothercare half price but it was the one that didnt have all the free cassettes. I live above a pub and wanted one cos i new we'd never take the smelly ones downstairs to bin outside everytime! Havent tried it yet cos LO not due till december. I was a bit worried afterwards tho cos i've only seen the cassettes for sale in mothercare
  • hi, i was just going to buy a cheap flip lid bin the same as the kitchen ones to save on money only thing is it might smell a bit more but i'm going to try it first if it does smell too much at least i havn't wasted loads of money x x
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