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iCandy Peach

I have been testing out the iCandy Peach since March; I have to say I'm very pleased with it.

My son is 2 ???? years old and my daughter is 5 months old. It's easy to assemble. All the different combinations of seats are great. My daughter has been very comfy in her carrycot and I am now thinking about putting her into the seat instead of the carrycot. Its so easy to push I'm really impressed with how easy it is. Fitting down shop aisles in shop doorways is not a problem and it is really sturdy. I love how I can just pop the car seat on the back and have my daughter facing me and my toddler facing outwards. The shopping basket is a decent size too and the brake is easy to put on and off. The handle height can be adjusted at the click of a button and it copes very well on all sorts of terrain, I live in a rural area and there are no pavements or smooth tarmac around my home and the children have had a smooth ride when I have been out walking.

It is a really good pushchair.
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