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Should I buy this buggy?

Seen this on ebay|65:7|39:1|240:1318

Looks good but is it worth it? Is graco a good make? Do I need such a big complicated pram?

Shes only a few months old and hasn't got a pram yet!

Any advice would be great!

[Modified by: JimmyD on 30 March 2009 18:57:05 ]


  • I apologise if I am wrong, but are you the seller of this pram and have posted this to advertise it?
  • i agree Lottie, i think this is suss and apart from the fact that if you lo is a few months old how the hell have you got about without a pram and also this is a pushchair NOT a pram!!! Very weird!
  • it's also not a travel system as from what i can tell there is no car seat included
    some people do use slings/carriers for the first few months though
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