Just a quick warning out there to all you ladies thinking of buying a Bebe Confort Loola.

Firstly make sure if you really do want one you get the 2008 onwards model as the under basket space is so much better than the previous models.

However, I would also be very aware of the problems they are having with the length of the straps. I have been chatting to several people on this site who have had similar problems and the only solution is sending the pushchair away for new straps!

Not what you want to be doing when you have got your little ones to ferry around. Ok, you should get a loan pushchair but do you really want to be doing this!

Don't get me wrong there are lots of plus points, like baby facing forwards or backwards, it is very easy to put up and down, basket underneath has plenty of easy accessible storage and it does look rather funky and the footmuff is fantastic and warm, no need for blankets.

However, the pit falls are, it is very heavy to get in and out of your car and I would certainly not consider taking it on public transport. It is impossible to steer one handed. Straps are not long enough for a growing baby. It is hard to get up kerbs. The rain cover is a pain to get on in a rush as has to be carefully zipped on. Although in the bad weather I would just tend to leave it on and push it back. Flaming expensive.

I am so in two minds what to do with mine, when it eventually comes back from having new straps put on.

I think I will have to wait until it is back and try it out again and see how I get on with it and if I have further problems I will be straight back to the shop or sell the damn thing for a massive loss.

Well there you go I have got that off my chest :lol:



  • thanks for the warning, i was looking at the same pushchair the other week and was close to buying it....i'd whittled it down to two models so think i'll plump for the silver cross!!!
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