Question for anyone who's had a baby in December/Early January..or their own bday is then

I am now onto my 3rd month of trying for baby number 2, but am a bit unsure about trying too hard this month as I always feel a bit sorry for people with a december birthday (particulary as I would be due about 3 days after christmas).

What does everyone else thing about this?

Does it not really make a difference?

Thank you for your replies.



  • Hi Squirt, Sorry for late reply.

    DD1 was a december 09 baby born mid month.  I also have my BIL & 2 nieces all with birthdays in December & the only difference is buying a birthday/christmas gift closer together (one niece actually has birthday christmas eve).

    When baby is much wanted, you forget about the being near Christmas time & enjoy the gift of life.

    Best wishes & Good Luck

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