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I did a post when I 1st came on here about how fed up I was with my make up and hair. I did something about my make up but my hair I couldn't. I'm hoping someone on here can relate to me, please someone help me. I'm beginning to hate looking in the mirror and I'm slowly feeling very low about myself. I have naturally curly hair. Its VERY curly and fuzzy. I used to go to a hairdressers every week to get it straightened, now I just can't afford it. It takes me at least 2 hours to straighten it myself and it doesn't even stay straight then!? I've been through the yellow pages and rang every single hairdressers near to me and none of them deal with what they class as afro carribean hair. I've been to a c hairdressers and their answer seems to be straighten it too. I can't have it permenatly straightened due to the cost. So many hairdressers will happily do my hair and make a miracle of it but then when I wash it at home I'm back to square one. I'm beginning to feel ugly and not worthy of anyone. I've been close to tears and people may think its just hair but I feel sooo ugly. one woman said she could perm my hair, I've always been told don't ever perm naturally curly hair???
I don't know what to do.... Does anyone else have really curly hair!!!?????

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  • hi hun im sorry you are feeling so bad. i was a hairdresser so i maybe able to help. do you want your hair to be straight or curly and how long is your hair.x.
  • Hi hun, I have really curly frizzy hair, I have joked that I am the only white fair skinned person with an afro. It is a nightmare because its not even a nice curl it is just frizz. I have a pair of ghd straighteners and swear by them, I have used all manner of other straighteners but none are as good as these. If I am going out and have the time I can get a really great straight look it takes about 30 mins and holds really well, ususlly day to day I dont have that amount of time so can get a good enough calmed down look within 10 mins, with normal straighteners I would never goet the same look and took at least 90 mins.
  • hayley is right ghd straighteners are the best but make sure you use heat proctection spray and a serum( ie frizz eaze). these will proctect your delicut hair and help keep it staighter and smoother for longer. also try blow drying on a hot setting at roots and cold setting for the reat of hair (this will help redduce frizz) your hair as straight as you can before using the ghds as it will be easyer to get a smoother finish.
    tip for bith straight/ curly hair: once a week cover all your hair with almond oil and rub in the hair and scalp for a few min. rap head in cling flim. then rap a hot, damp towel around the cling filmed hair and chill out for 5- 10 min. wash hair using shampoo Before any water goes nere your head (otherwise you'll never get the almond oil out properly). this will help keep your hair in good condion which means healthy, shiny,less fizzy hair.
  • however if you want curls do my almond oil tip once a week.
    when drying curly hair use a duffuser on your hair dryer (they look a bit like a small plate with bits sticking out of it. and dry roots at a hot setting and the rest of your hair on a cold setting (this helps ruduce frizz and helps the curls from better). and use produces for curly hair (ie shammpoo, condioner etc) as they are less hevey on the hair.
    i hope i have been of some help hun. x.
  • aw wow. Loads of help! My family say I should of been black with the hair I've got! image If you swear by ghds then I might have to invest in some. I've got some babyliss ones that were rather expensive and some nikki clark ones. I want to get a curly look now its just a boff! I don't think I could get my hair straight in less time, plus its long from the back and shoulder length from the front and even shorter on top if that makes sense. I've not got a wide tooth comb either and I've heard they are good for my type of hair. Does anyone know how to style it without it looking like you've just woke up. Also I've had loads of different colours put on my hair so its very dry! :\( So if I do these treatments will my hair be more managable?? And any styling tips would be GREAT! image
  • Hi, I've got afro carribean hair - I'm mixed race so its not quite as curly as it could be! I find hairdressers a nightmare, it freaks out most hairdressers and specialist afro carribean hairdressers seem to overproduct it as their used to curlier hair. I blow dry mine and then straighten it once a week, takes about 1 and a half hours though! I've got ghd's and would definitely recommend them. Once its straightened I put on lots of serum.
    A few years ago I had my hair permed to relax it which seemed to work a little bit.
    I also permenantly straightened it myself with one of the Dark and Lovely kits you can get from boots but used a childs one so it wasn't as harsh. It worked pretty well and the ends of my hair are still always straight where its grown out. I think you can get a boots own chemical straightening kit aimed at curly not afro carribean hair so might be worth looking at? Hope that helps a little xx
  • OMG e2002 your sooooo much help! I used to go to a black hairdressers because every other hairdressers was like "oh my god chaka khan" lol They didn't know how to deal with my hair and one place started charging me more. I used to go to my hairdressers once a week, get it straightened there and then make it last the week til I had to go again. I've been told my hair is too weak (doesn't look it) for any kind of chemical straightening.
    I considered this perm thing but got scared of the whole PERM thing. I like your advice. If I get ghds and can do my hair within 10 mins I could easily stick to doing it once a week. My hair is kind of long in some parts though. What products do you put on your hair e2002?? image
  • Hi sweet, I have EXACTLY your problem, and can endorse what E2002 says abut a diy home treatment. A black friend of mine introduced me to stuff called 'texturizer' which I think is similar to the dark & lovely straightener, only it leaves some curl/wave to your hair ( I didn't want to go completly straight, just get some manageability and stop the frizz).

    Its permanent, and she has done it twice for me, and I'm just at the stage of it growing out now - the roots are going a bit puffy! My sister is going to do the next lot for me - and I'm pretty sure ghd straightners would now get it dead straight pretty easily. Its called Soft and Beautiful Botanicals (No mix, No Lye) Texturiser - comes in child or adult and the 'No Lye' means ammonia free. Take care if you have coloured your hair already - like any treatment - but it was only on my hair for 8 minutes and made such a difference. I would also see if you can get someone to do it for you, (its quite tricky to do it all yourself).

    And I can totally understand you feeling so down about your hair - I have stood in front of the mirror crying because mine is just so thick and frizzy!! You are not alone image xxxx
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've just been writing down all the tips and products posted by you lovely ladies!! If I find this soft and beautiful treatment I may use it for about 5 mins. I've got huge build of dye at the ends of my hair. Thanks mimsywoowoo, great help image
  • You can get Soft & Beautiful on the internet (try a google search) & I know my friend gets it in London - it's pretty cheap too. If you do try it, maybe go with the child version first - that's what she did on mine. Lastly (sorry - really don't mean to sound like an advert....!) I have coloured my hair on and off for years - no ill effects. In fact the root re-growth looks far worse condition than the chemically treated ends!!

    Just take care, and if you ever feel any burning on the scalp wash it off straight away. Make sure it is all rinsed out thoroughly. (all tips she gave me - she has helped out loads of people... maybe we could start a group...?)

    Do some research on the internet - the same sites that sell this stuff do the dark & lovely stuff aswell - I really hope you find the result you're looking for xxxx Now will stop waffling...

    Mims xx

  • That texturiser sounds good, might try it myself! I use pantene antibreakage shampoo and conditioner and have been using vo5 hot oils over the last few weeks which are good. Lee Stafford Hot Shots are really good as well for conditioning. Before I blow dry it I put on a brunette straightening balm thing, can't remember who makes it! (comes in a brown and gold pump)Think it's discontiuned though cos they were selling it for ??1 in Asda. Always changing my shampoo and conditioner cos can never find a really good one. Can anyone recommend some??
    Don't know how I'll cope with my hair once the baby is here, I'll never get enough time to do it!! xx
  • Hi My hair is probably no where near as hard to manage as yours,but it is very dry,thick and frizzy,also naturally curly but looks more like im in some kinda 80s rock band if i just leave it lol!!
    I have tried lots of other straightners and they take forever and still leave my hair looking puffy and frizzy,but GHDs rock!!!since i first got these over 6yrs ago now i have started to like my hair!
    Definately invest in some GHDs they can be quite expensive but really are worth it!
    Thats all i wanted to add,think all the other advice you got is really good.
  • Completely with benjismummy, I had loads of different straighteners including ones that cost ??80 plus thinking they would be as good as ghds but they are not, ghd are the only ones I would recommend. I got mine nearly 6 years ago and actually started to like my hair then too. I feel so much more confident especially having my photo taken, you can actually se me now rather than a huge ball of hair :lol:
  • Hey thanks for replying. Great help! image
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