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Hi guys. Just a very quick message. Swede, really sorry to hear about your loss. like the others have said we are all in the same boat and have all helped each other tremendously so please dont think you've gatecrashed this forum, think of it as joing an already supportive gang (who are also a bit on the daft side) and being part of the gang already image Good luck at the hospital next week hun, we will all be thinking of you. Mel, great to hear from you, so glad that the problem was only anemia and nothing more sinister.

Please Please Please keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me tomorrow as we are due to exchange contracts. Please God let it happen as it is make or break for us. If we exchange we get our dream house, if we dont we lose it. Hope i can sleep tonight!!!!!! Must away now to sign some more papers!!!!! Take good care, love and kisses, bluebird (Barbara) xxxx


  • Thanks for that everyone . I think this time the pregnancy was not to be. You see I took my coil out in November and fell pregnant a month later, when we tried for my son it took 8 months, so it seemed to good. Also I need to sort my stomach muscles out and go to pilates, they split last time. I dont know how long to leave it before TTC again, hubby thinks we should wait but I feel like TTc asap. Bluebird, thinking of you when you exchange contracts. We have just moved from Surrey to Dorset and we had a nightmare with the people we bought from, they kept saying they were pulling out cus solicitors where slow they even rang us at 06:40 and had a go. So now if I never speak to a solicitor again I will be happy. Good Luck By the way I am Anna and I have already got two lovely children, Rebecca (5) and Aaron 2 1/2)
  • hi keeping everything crossed for you today...ohhh this time it will all be done and dusted then you can get packing!!!(positive thinking!!) swede, whats that about your stomach muscles???? everyone is different about how long they leave it before ttc again but i dont think that the docs and midwifes tell you to wait now either reading some of the post on here..personally i think the earliest would be waiting untill youve had at least one monthly and then if you are ready go for it...but again its only fair that you both have to be really, ive lost 3 now and me and my o/h have both been ready at different times after each one and have both had to wait for the other before trying again....beth hows things at work spud, did matt haw a safe trip?? melanie hope your tablets are slowly trying to kick in for you, youll soon be running around with your little lad playin footie!!!!lol...well i better go for we are popin out after. take care everyone thinking of you all. hugs becky xxxxx
  • ps)anna, love your picture its beautiful!! where did you get the name swede????(if you dont mind me askin)
  • I am from Sweden originally, came here 10 years ago. When I carried my son I carried all out the front and my stomach muscles came apart, so some times I still look pregant, 2 1/2 years later. I have had loads of people asking me if I am pregnant which is not so nice when you are not.
  • morning everyone...god im aching this morning after all that painting..i only did the glossing but while i was there ended up glossing the bathroom too (thought i might as well kill 2 birds with one stone and get them both done) ive got muscles aching what i forgot i had!!! i gotta paint the walls today for both!!!..arh well my own fault when i get moving ill ease up again....swede, that will be nice for you going home for a while seeing your family, it will soon come round i bet you miss them loads. (unless your like my family and always killing eachother!!! are terrible!) sorry about your friend but good news her being 18 weeks again...she must be worried like you said untill you get to a certain point youll always be a little worried me being stupid i thoought each time it happened that it wont happen again next time!! and i was just as shocked when i did...wont you have thought that at the back of my mind i would of been worried???? god help everyone when i get ppregnant going to be a bag of nerves...hehehe. oh anna well done with the job sounds very rewarding...great choice. youll have to keep us updated on things. well i dont know whats happened to mel and beth and barbara havent been on for days now and they dont normally leave it ....maybe the aliens have been and taken them!!!....or better still ive talked them to you are there girls hope your all ok!!! has anything happened im getting worried now. well im going getting my joint in the oven now so it came be cooking while i paint. thinking of you all. anna if you are worried about the morning and you wanna pop on later for a chat then just give us a shout ok? take care hugs to you all becky xxxxx
  • hi girls..blimey its been busy on here. anna i have to agree with everything that beth has said...down to everyword!!!''in laws'' hmmm...moan as much as you like spud we all do!!lol..sending you a big hug though thinking of you. bb hope all goes well shouldnt be too long now eh? youll be looking for a new job in a bit with all this sneaking on to here chattin to us lot!!! that flippin rreport done then he cant say anything!!!beth, well well cant cope without you typical man (not all!!!) doesnt realise that untill youve gone!!! well let him sweat spud and you take your time and put your feet up...blimey youve finished that do you think? i got some more if your interested about 5 i think but with there being so many though id have to ask you for something toeards the postage (sorry) you can have to books for nothing though!! its up to you, dont feel as though you have to...its wise coming off the tablets beth better safe than sorry eh? i wont take anything at all for too scared soo i have to suffer with whatever all the way through!!..i cant help it. well ive finally finished the bathroom i sat down at about 11 last night with a brew...totally shattered, i did take 5 with a brew and popped on here and beth had been on but i couldnt reply or id never of got going again!! had key 103 on so had a little sing and wiggle while i having a rest now but i wanna do the kitchen next!!! just need to go and find my muscles and energy cos i lost them..(didnt realise how unfit i'd got) shane and his g/f seem to ok : ( lol.havent seen much of them together they go and play happy families round at her house cos they dont really mind and they love shane, and i think abbi likes to be at home so they go there a lot!!! and now with him working again ive hardly seen him he's up and out before im up and then he doesnt finish till late and last night he went stright out to a friends didnt get back in till 11:30 i was just telling him that he needs time to rest in between working and eating his tea at 11:30 is no good for him when i reallised he loooked a bit rough and he told me that he only went right round to his mates house cos he rung him up cring cos his mum had just passed away!! i could believe it!!! ive never meet him or his mum...theres only him and his sister now...17 and 19 yr olds...oh god thats bad isnt it? shane gave me a big hug must of made him think.. but not long enough cos he then left all his pots on the side for me to wash up!!! with a pile of dirty washing!!! L.M.A.O. KIDS DONT YOU JUST LOVE THEM... but i did tell him to bring his friend round sometime he can have his tea...ill have to really hold myself back from crushing hs to death with a big hug though..poor love..i cant help myself sometimes...shane must of been shattered didnt see him again was fast asleep!...anna i know what you mean about toy story when shane was little it was thomas the tank and i knew alll the names i watched it that much!! but its great isnt it??? id give anything just to back for one day and have them both little again oh they were good kids...eyes fillin up!!....steve isnt too bad had a bit of a dodgy head again...its not normally popin up this regular, its not been like how it was over christmas though so thats something to be grateful for i keep saying if he want to change his mind he can do but he really wants a baby more so than me if thats at all really have to go and aithough ive bee chattin on for a while i dont feel as though ive answered all your posts so if ive forgotten anyone im sorry and ill pop on after we've been ut! thinking of you all hugs bex.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi girls, thought I would just pop on and see whats happening. Becky...the book was great I really enjoyed it which surprised me as I dont normally go for that type. The book that I started yesterday (Cry salty tears) before going to the doctors I finished today!!! Thats the only good thing being signed off I can just chill and read lots of books. I have got a new one to start tomorrow so I will park my fat backside on the sofa and not move an inch! Let me finish the other books that I have floating round the house and will get in touch about the other books that you have. No problems about the postage I will send it down to you. How is the decorating going, got the whole house done yet??!!!!! You must be feeling shattered just the thought of you doing it makes me feel tired! Glad that Shane is enjoying the job however he sounds like he is putting in a good few hours. Shame about his friends mum, how is he and the sister coping? It must have been a big shock to them and now they are orphans at such a young age, my heart goes out to them. Good to hear that Steve is still up for trying again, roll on March when you can get your scan and that sorted and then hopefully it will be all systems go for the both of you. Anna how are you feeling hunny...have been thinking about you today I hope that you have managed to take things easy. BB Any news about the house, I do hope it has all gone to plan for you let us know. Mel...How is the vertigo hope its on its way out you dont deserve to be going through so much. Lilypingu and Faithlouise hope you are both well. There is nothing to report from my end still suffering with the back, stopped taking the anti flamatries and have got paracetamol now just didnt want to take any chances. Gonna love and leave you all, take care Beth xx
  • Oh Becky, forgot to ask did Natalie go for her blood test?
  • Hi all. Just a very quick post as, dont laugh, i still havent finished this ****** report!!!! So, i am going to have a quick bath for bout half hour, that is quick for me, then see if i can manage a couple of hours on it to really break the back of it.
    Well, flags out, fanfares, champagne, cheerleaders etc etc etc, we exchanged contracts today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot even begin to tell you all how relieved i am! Moving date is set for the 9th Feb which is a week on friday eeeeek! At least it is when the school breaks up and i have the following week off to try and make some sense out of the chaos!!!! Thank you to everyone for all your kind thoughts and wishes, they have really kept me going image I was so chuffed, i went to the local pool and swam 40 lengths!!! 1000 metres. Cant believe that either! Will do a longer post tomorrow and i know this is a selfish, me me me post but i must dash as i am setting a limit on 1am for this report so need to crack on. Lots of love and kisses to you all, bluebird xxxx
  • hi all and beth thanku for directing me to this forum i am crap on computers it took me ages to get here! never thought i would ever be chatting about this horrible experience but im sure u have all tought why me what makes it more difficult for me is that my partner is very close with his brother and his brother and girlfriend are pregnant they wud have been due the same time as me and we lost our baby and they are ok i dont wish them any harm but i feel so angry is this normal? i had a d an c but it was v painful for me it was worse than bad period pains an i get them bad but think this might be because i was waiting for the theatre to become free so i was waiting in pain for well over 2 hrs after they put the pessary in. but i did feel better after it was done an was happy that i didnt have to see loads of blood etc i just keep tryin to find blame an i only wish i knew that i wud get pg soon the only thing so far i can say positive about this experience is that it has made me a stronger person and me an my partner are alot closer i send love and hugs to all of u out there who have been through what we have been through an i wish u all luck emma xx
  • Hi BB at long last contracts have been exchanged!!!!! I am so pleased for you....Becky give them a few weeks and we will be round for that midnight feast lol! Emma so glad that you have joined us even though its under sad circumstances, sorry I should have explained that you needed to go on the support page. Just want to let you know that you will be having a mixture of emtions over the next few weeks, one minute you will be fine then the next angry and sad and asking the question "why me?" I know that you dont want to hear this but over time things will get better. It sounds like you have a loving and supportive husband by your side which you are going to need. I know where you are coming from with your husbands partner giving birth, I too was in the same situation when I lost in July. My hubby's sister-in-law was due last October and I found it hard to deal with. We didn't get to see our new niece til Christmas as we live in Scotland and they are in Kent and it was so hard to give her a cuddle at first because it bought back all the memories and I should have been due next month. After a while I began to handle things a bit better and managed to have some quality hugs with her. Should you need to have a chat and get things off your chest this is the place to come as we all understand how you are feeling and what you have been and are going through.How has your hubby been coping? Its weird when this happens everyone asks after the woman and tend to forget about the partner but they are going through it as well. All I can advise for you to do is make sure that you communicate with each other as the next few weeks are going to be hard. Well I'm gonna love and leave you but sending everyone big hugs especially to Emma, will be thinking of you both. Take care all and speak soon Beth xx
  • Hi all. Havent managed to get on computer all night as O/H has been playing his silly football game. Managed to get some sleep whilst Aaron was at playschool so at least that is something and inlaws are having him tomorrow plus taking Rebecca to school. Yippie. Had a nice bath tonight. Emma, I am sorry to hear you had so much pains, as yet I have not had that, in fact I have not had much bleeds yet, I had some on monday but that was it. I dont even know if I had a pessary put in, my son was 9 pounds when he was born so maybe thats why. If they did put one in it was when I was asleep. I have got to go to bed now as I am very tired and should have prob gone to bed ages ago but knowing I have got the day to myself to get some more rest gave me a bit of energy. Lets just hope I sleep tonight though. Last night I had to go and get a drink at 4 o clock..Barbara, well done on exchanging contracts what a relief. Thanks again to everyone for all your support, it really helps. Speak to you soon.

  • Hi girls hope all is well, Anna glad to hear that your in-laws are having the kids for you today it will do you good to have the day to yourself and rest up. Did you manage to get a good night sleep, hopefully you did. BB....did you get your report finished and if so was it by the 1am deadline??!!!! Becky hope you are ok and not aching too much from all that decorating. Mel how are you doing hope your vertigo has gone and you and bump are well. Lililypingu and Faithlouise, hope all is well with you both drop us a line to say hi, it will be good to hear from you. Take care all and speak later, Beth xx
  • Morning all.
    Today I am spending some lovely time on the sofa watching daytime telly. I cant belive how much the d & c has made me so tired. Didnt have any night time guests in my bed last night so I slept a bit better. Anyway must stop moaning now and go and make myself a cup of tea. Speak to uou soon,
    TAke care, Anna
  • hi everyone one...sorry ive not been back on i had an emotional moment yestarday tea time and couldnt stop crying for hours!!! then just felt s*** and so low and tired..but im back again now!!! hi emma glad you found us im sorry about your sad news its hard enough to go through without someone close by being pregnant glad you got a understanding partner and you got us lot on here!!! it will help just to come on and type away yyou could also have a read through some of the early posts some have said that it has help them to read how we was feeling at the time etc etc...well youve come to the right place we have all lost at verious stages and are either ttc or just taking a break in between!! if there is anything we can help you with then just ask and we'll all do or best through our experiances to help you.. CONGRATULATIONS BB....FANTASTIC NEWS...ABOUT BLOODY TIME TOO!!!L.O.L. oh yes beth cant wait...champaine all round!!!hehehehe...well actually i dont like it but better than nowt!!...oh i am pleased though i can breath again now...our natalie goes sking the day after your due to move on the 10th... well you better get that report done now youve got no excuses now...beth when you was talking to emma and you sai about being due next reminded me that we was on the same board before wasnt we????? the ''due feb board''!!!....and we are both still here : ) mine was the 10th the day my lil girl goes on her sking trip! funny how it doesnt go away even though you try to forget!! that was also the date of the accicent or was it the 12th??? either the 10th or the 12th even when she gave me the date right from the sart i was aware of the date...but it wasnt meant to be anyway...ill just have to make sure next time that its not due feb!!!lol.. glad you enjoyed your book..i was the same ive read all hers might aswell keep reading and put your feet up while your back is bad theres no point in making it worse!!! anna so glad your having some rest i was also up most of the night last night i nearly got up and came on here at 3 am but it was too warm and cosy in bed so just lay there thinking aabout stuff which is not wise!!! natanlie had her blood test done yesterday we was in and out which makes up for the wait a little!! just gotta wait now...i got a letter this morning they have put back my hospital appointment back another week an half which i know doesnt sound much but im alredy waiting months and somethings i get feb up of thinking rashonally (spelt wrong) and it feels like its never going to come round...ahhh point keep going on ill just have to keep waiting...if it wasnt for steve wanting to get this last test done i dont think id wait any more to be sick of tests and waiting and i wanna get stuck in!!!! ive had lots of steve!!! think all that stuff was that thng cos of trauma and stress like i read in them books etc...cos of the accident and then the 3 m/cs on top it just sent my body time cos i was in agony for months with it hoping it wasnt stomach cancer!!!....oh the joys of being a woman...we have all been through it havent we girls...melanie hows things spud...hope your thinking of you!!well i better go...sorry for going on a ya. big hugs bex.xxxxxxx thinking of you all.
  • hi where is everyone???lol..emma good luck with trying to catch up spud..we been chattin for a good 6 mths lol..that will take some help you out a little im crackers, fills up a lot...not normally!...old, over weight 2nd marrage, 2 grown up kids...3 m/cs ....looks like a pin cushion...feels like a pin cushions...likes to sing the hills are alive with the sound of music with a rubber duck shower cap on scaring innocent kids or who ever might get in the way at the time...or freaking out to sissor sisters..cant dance or sing...oh and cant shut up that help you any????lol..thats me covered did i miss anything??????...12 yrs!!! blimey emma i think id give up hinting now and give him a kick up the jacksie!!!..i thought my fella was bad we was together for 6/7 rears before we wed and i was sick of waiting...go and get that 'rock' on yer finger messin)...beth how are you feeling spud hope your painkillers are working for you! where is everyone???anna r u ok today? is your hubby hogging all the pc??? i better go and sit with my o/h for a bit.. thinking of you all. takecare bex.xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi all. Hope everyone is well. Well i am in a massive mood now because ******* gooners (arsenal) just beat my spurs and i had forgotten how much i hate arsenal!!!!!!!!! So now i am coming on here to my friends who will chill me out! So, so much to talk about, i am sure i am going to miss something here so apologies in advance! Hello emma. Really nice to meet you although i am so sorry that it is under these circumstances. It really is the most dreadful time and it took me over two weeks before i could even venture out of my house except when i really had to. i closed all my curtains and really shut myself away for over two weeks. i can honestly say that the mc totally knicked me for 6 especially as it may be my last chance as i am almost 46 and my partner has no children. i already have a 10 year old son so i am lucky. Cant say when it gets better because although it does get easier to come to terms with, you will still get sad days when something triggers off down moments. i think everyone here can relate to that. i saw a 7 week old baby boy today who was gently crying and i just wanted him to be mine. Sorry to hear about your job, i was very lucky because only my boss knows and his wife had a mc so he knew what i was going through. Good luck with your job hunt. If you live in Surrey, you can come and work for me image I'd give you all the time in the world to come back. even if i say so myself, i am very people orientated when it comes to my staff and family always comes before the job in my book. Hows your back Beth? Hope it is feeling better and you havent lost the will to live with day time telly although i do like homes under the hammer. We'll see Becky on there soon buying a wreck of a house and doing it up!!!! lmao. That is if she doesnt become a librarian with all her reading he he. Good idea to ask about the tablets, they are muppets for not asking you!!!!!Mel, how's you? hope that your vertigo has gone and you are starting to feel well! You must be due some "well time". How is your little boy and your hubby? nearly your scan date, i am so excited!!!!! Cant remember if you decided whether to find out the sex or not. Aunty Barbara! lmao! Becky, finished painting the house yet???? he he he. Glad that natalie has had her test now, please let us know how she gets on and give her a hug from us image Bad news about your appt, what lame excuse did you get? What date is it on now then???? Grrrrrrrrrrr. i'm coming up there to shout at someone, especially if they support arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    How are you Anna? Hope you are feeling comfortable. Glad you got a good night's sleep and spent some sofa time resting. My oh does that a lot !!!!! Hope your oh is still spoiling you (still on the take aways???? lol). Well, getting a bit scared now. Nearly moving time!!!! Not sure how long my computer will be out of bounds for while i sort the broadband out at the new house but i am sure i can plug my work laptop in and still post during half term imageimageimageimage Guess what???? Report still not finished, no i didnt stop at 1am, i stopped at 2am and am a bit on the tired side today. Its almost done now, turning into war and peace!!!! lol I'll be sending it to you all to read as it will be a bloody novel soon!!!! oooops, sorry about language! Right, i have bored you all to tears so i'm off. Faithlouise and lilypingu, hope you are both well. Take good care all, love and kisses bluebird aka Barbara xxxx
  • hi barbara r u still there?????itssssssssss
  • its the mad lady off the tv!!! one one you always see lerkin in the background, noseying, with the big wooly hat on!!! and the rain coat...with the bag on wheels!!!..l.m.a.o. havent been on homes under the hammer for a few years now ive retired...moved your ok was getting worried no ones been on today and ive missed you all!!! sorry i dont talk sport..but its proberly best anyway cos we are losing at cricket and now your spurs..lets move on quickly!!! if i remember i can ring for nats results tomorrow between 1and 2 the funny sods wont tell you if you dont ring up in that hour even if your 5 mins out its tuff your too late...god i could throttle them takes you half an hour to get through cos you have to go through all the chattin first about emergencies etc then you get the press 1 for this 2 for that 3 for the other and if by chance you miss your time slot they either say try again in the right time slot or you just get cut off and have to start all over again right from the flippin start!!! can you believe all that its a bloody doctors..not the F.B flippin anyof you have to go through all that at your docs????ill read it!!!sounds like a laugh..has it got some romance too!!! well its been good to hear from you. talk soon hugs becky. xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Morning Becky. lol, i think i had just gone to bed when you posted last night. Boy was i tired after the late one the night before. i was in bed and it was 6.30 before i even knew it. My doctor's is the same from the point of view of having the welcome blurb and then press 1, press 2 etc etc but i dont tend to usually wait that long and you can ring up for results anytime you want as long as it is a week after they've been done!!! i think we're quite lucky because although the receptionists often look miserable, they arent too bad on the whole!!!!! Well, must get myself off to work now, hope to chat to you all during the day. Hope you all have a good day and beth, emma and anna have a nice restful day and you get yourselves better. Love and kisses to all, bluebird xxxx
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