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i know this is petty but im so angry.

i cant believe mine and my oh friends. they have had there baby 2 months ago and because they were complaining about how much baby things cost we said that they could use our baby stuff(ie baby clothes weanning bolws , pretty much everything that we are no longer using for our 8 m/o son). when we gave them the baby things we said to them more then once that anything they don want or finish using to give it back to us cos at my daughters school they are collecting baby things ect to go to homeless familys and safe houses for familys trying to get away from domestic violance. anyway yesterday they let slip that they sold all the stuff we gave them on ebay. my oh asked them why coz we had told them to give it back so we could give it to familys who really need those baby stuff, and there answer was " well we really need the money"...............WTF they earn over 28k a year and we earn just over 16k a year and ther is four of us in our family and only 3 in theres. if we had wanted it sold on ebay we would have done it ourselfs but we wanted the baby stuff to go to familys who really needed it . i just cant believe how selfish the are. im sorry to rant but i needed to get this off my chest. thats the last time we'll help them next time we'll give our stuff straight to charity. x.


  • A mate of mine did this to me too and if i think about it too much i would really really want to go over and give them both a good smack.

    I think its damn selfish REGARDLESS of whether they need the money or not. I made a point of mentioning this to my friend who eventually gave me the tiny amount of things she had left so i could take it to the charity.

    Its just plain rude. There's babybrain in forgetting, but then theres just plain rude.

    Hmph. Will say no more. xxx
  • That is just completely out of order- I'd be furious! It would have been pretty cheeky even if the stuff was a gift, but you made it clear it was just a loan- so I agree with EmmaLou that what they did was theft. You'd certainly be within your rights to ask for the money they got.
  • nope that would annoy me too! i wouldnt of lent them it to begin with as they are earning twice as much as you! I'd be having words with them.
  • OMG that's disgusting! They mustn't be allowed to get away with it! :evil:
    Have you considered putting an ad in your local paper asking for donations for them and saying why? - ie that they are in such poverty in their comfy house etc that they had to sell items loaned to them which were destined for charity? They need to be named and shamed if common decency isn't present!
  • That is just appallingly selfish!!! I would ask them to reimburse you for the value of the goods as they were not theirs to sell. So whatever they made from ebay ask them to give you that money. You can then use the money to replace the items or donate to the welfare charity..... Bottom line you lent them those items.... if they won't give you the money do you have anything of theirs at the moment? I would sell whatever it is to teach the selfish gits a lesson!
  • Thats absolutely disgusting! My friend has lent me loads of stuff and they've gone straight back to her as soon as I was done with them (for her new baby) and now i've lent her some stuff and expect it back when she's done with it. The stuff my friend has passed on from her son that she doesn't need any more - it hadn't even occured to me to sell it on ebay if I didn't want it - and I've even triple checked with her that she doesn't want it back for her daughter before taking it to the charity shop - it was donated to me so selling one bay would just be downright wrong!

    I'd tell them you need it back for next baby/friends baby or something like that and demand all the money they made at the very least.
  • hi ladies, thanks for leting me rant to you. me and my oh have told them how we felt we even showed them this thred but they still have not offered to give us the money to pass on to my daughters school charity. ( they seam to think that it was ok for them to do that coz we did't want the stuff back to keep. which is when i got mad and shouted that it was all going to familys who needed more then they needed the money). we have made it clear that we will no longer be lending things to them and we have also warned our other friends about what has happened as they clearly cant be trusted and cant/ wont say sorry and try to make things right when they have done someone wrong. thanks again for your surport x.

    ( p.s. i am gutted that this has also happened to some of you.)
  • that is truly awful! and the fact that they cant see the error of their actions is disgusting! i have to be honest they would no longer be friends of mine after this. what they have done is theft and the very least they should do is give you any money they made for you to give to charity.
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