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really really wants another baby but scared


i have a lo 18mth and really want another baby but i just cnt stand the thought of them needles im scared i will pass out. i never with my lo but i just work my self up about things that mite go wrong i had A HIGH HEART RATE WEN I AD MY LO it use to go up to 178 becoz i was that scared i really dnt want this 2 affect me avin another baby any 1 else feel like this ?


  • thanks

    its really gettin in the way off me avin another 1. did u ever pass out ? i av never but thats wot im scared off the most
  • Hi!

    Think maybe speak to your GP or nurse and they may be able to refer you for help to get over the fear. I don't get on too well with needles myself but I just try and not to look and think of holidays!lol
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