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Partners family taking over before baby even born!

Hi josie

I decided before hand i didn't want anyone at the hospital just me and my husband but like yours my inlaws didn't take to kindly to this. My husband has two sisters and a brother and his mums family and his dads family so i didn't want too many people there............ luckily there where no children aloud at the hospital and only four visitors around the bed. .....................but when it came to it i had adam at 1.11am so myhusband was aloud in from 9am and by the time visiting came at 3pm i was ready for a visitor or two so we decided that we would let just parents up to it happened i was in for four days so was eventually glad of the visitors just to pass the time.........but when we came home as i was told the first night is always a bad night with baby getting used to new surroundings and you get used to baby being there ( i cried on the first night 1. cause i was home.......2. cause i'd missed the dog........3. this was it we were on our own together at last.) the morning after we kept the curtains closed and turned the phones off and put a note in the window sorry no visitors mum and baby sleeping.

So i suggest tell everyone of your intended plans and if you want to change them they will get a phone call but otherwise please stay away. And if they are still being a pain tell them you will speak to the midwife and tell them you don't want visitors and they wont be let in so it would be a wasted journey.

good luck and be strong
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