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exressing all milk

Hi, hope you can help.
My baby boy is 3 weeks old he is called Matthew. He was small when he was born but is gaining weight massively. He has very small features and has a small mouth and has a lot of trouble latching on and staying on the breast and cannot keep a dummy in either. He does about 3 strong sucks and cnnot do any more. I keep trying but in the mean time am expressing all milk and totally feeding him this way. If things with latching on don't improve which in all honesty they are not at the moment. The more hungry and the more food he needs the more cross and frustrated he gets when he is tried on the breast. How long should I try to express and feed him for? If I have to introduce a formula feed in order to get a bit of a break for me which feed should it be? Obviously by expressing we can go anywhere and just take the bottle in the cooler bag and then heat it but I have to go home to express and can never go out for more than say 3 or 4 hours and although that is fine at the moment what about as he gets older?
Will my milk run out by doing it this way? How do I keep the milk flowing?
Thanks for your advice
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