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Pregnant and starting a new job

Hello all,

I'm looking for some advice as I have just accepted a job starting in January as a part time teacher. When I had my interview I knew I was pregnant but still went anyway. Was I wrong to do that?
I am now 15 weeks and due 29th April so would only be able to work one term and was hoping to work till a couple of weeks before my due date.
How do I go about telling them when I dont start till January? I am really really worried and dreading telling them as I feel like i will be letting them down and employing someone else would have been easier for them.
Please help. Any advice welcome!
Thanks xx


  • This happened to me. I went to the interview fully knowing i was about 8 weeks pregnant, got the job and told them the next day. They were fantastic about it and helped me alot.

    saying that i'm not a teacher so it may be different for the different sector. You might want to think about either : not telling them for a while as you technically don't need to say anything untill 25 weeks, or tell them straight away and see what they say.

    They cannot make you redundant purely for the fact that you are pregnant, nor can they try and push you out. You could sue for discrimination otherwise.

    Could not say anything and tell a porky about when its due (add a month or so lol) and be all whooppeee!! baby's come early!! Lol

    Good luck
  • Congratulations on your pregnancy and getting a new job!

    I think you should be honest and tell them that you are pregnant, as the longer u go without telling them, the harder it will be. I don't think its wrong that you didn't tell them at the interview, i would probably have done the same. We all need jobs,especially at the moment and your employer can't withdraw your job offer because you are pregnant, your employer knows they have to honour the offer. They have recruited you over the others because they feel u are the best person for the job. So just do ur best and go the extra mile for them, and take as little time off as you possibly can. Show them u are a worthy part of their team. Please don't feel guilty. You could just say that u didn't know you were pregnant at the time, or you can write your employer a letter to inform them of your pregnancy. Please try not to get too worried and stressed.

    Good luck xxx

  • I'm 8 weeks ish and I went for a job interview today. (already in work but not happy and probably won't pass probation cos manager hates me!)

    If I get the position I don't plan on telling them for a while. I'll just say I didn't know - then they won't be as p*d off in my opinion!

    Good luck!

  • Thank you for the lovely responses!
    I told my work on Monday and the teacher Im job sharing with was lovely and extremely supportive...however the head wasn't so much and automatically asked me if I knew at the interview and how far gone I was. So I told a few lies which I think was fine! Your right we all need jobs and money and work is slim at the moment I couldn't miss out on this job opportunity!
    I plan on returning back to work in Sep so not that long off. I'm glad I told them straight away then they can respect me for being honest and I was helping them by telling them early so they can plan suitable cover.
    I still feel guilty for it and trying to stop worrying about it as I dont want to look back and regret worrying too much about work when family comes first!
    Hope your employers are supportive.
    Good luck with everything! xxx
  • Hello there - I took a new job at around 15 weeks too, and didnt actually start my job till 23 weeks as there was a bit of a wait. I told them the day before I started and they have been fantastic, even though I'm basically going to have worked for 2.5 months then off on maternity leave. Initially I felt quite paranoid that everything was judging me etc.. but i now know that their not, and even if they are, i did what i had to do. bets of luck with everything xxx
  • Hi

    I was in the same boat and started by job when i was 8 weeks preg. I told them a month later and they were really supportive.

    the only thing i recommend you check is that you are not automatically able to recive statatuory maternity pay only maternity allowence - this is the position im in.

    Good luck
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