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Need to get it off my chest

Hi i'm 18 and i'm 27 weeks. I'm having really bad problems with my family and my partner.

My family and my partner don't get on because when i was 16 i found out i was pregnant when i was rushed into hospitial with appendicitus (sorry can't spell it). i was in hospitial for a week after my operation. I was 4 months gone when i found and my parners parens went mad and said it was all my fault evne though i was on the pill. When i came out of hospitial my partners mum took upon herself to pick my up and take me back to her house, even though i said i wanted to go home. The same night i was there i was told that i had to have an abortion or they would move away and take my partner with them. At first i said no but a few days later i came down with an infection from my op. I was tired and i just wanted to go home. They bugged me everyday as if they knew there was nothing i could do. I couldn't even go home myself because they would always lock the door when they were all out. In the end i had he termination, i just didn't have the energy or the stength to fight back anymore. My partners mum took and after i woke up all she could say was that her husband would be wanting somthing from the shop. I finally got to go home a few days later and i went downhill. I turned to cutting myself and i was told that i had depression. All i ever did was take everything out on my partner which in the end forced him to cheat on me.

Now me and partner are happy about our little bundle of joy that is soon to arrive. His parents had no choice in he matter because my dad came with me to tell them. But my family will not accept my partner and i have been in the situation where i have to chose between them in which a the time i chose my family. But i had to explain to my dad how much i love much partner and how i want the best for my daughter. My dad accepted this but i am still in the middle of my family and my partner.

So sorry for the TMI. But i needed to get it off my chest because i can't talk to my family or my partner about any of this.



  • You poor girl, I really feel for you coz you are truly stck in the middle. What his family did to you was absolutely awful. Why though does your family hate your oh??? Has he ever done anything to you that they don't like???

    If they don't have a valid reason for disliking HIM then they are being a bit unfair- he can't help what his family is like. At the same time I can also understand that they just want to protect you as their daughter.

    I hope you can get this resolved because its not fair on you to be put in this position especially when pregnant.
  • OMG hun i dont know what to say, your partners mum was totally out of order treating you like that and even now they need to back the hell away. What had your partner got to say about they way his family have behaved in relation to the abortion?
    I wouldnt be too hard on your mum and dad, they are just trying to look out for you and make sure that your partners family dont hurt you again. I dont know what advice to give, i justw ant to wish you all the best for you babys birth. xxxxx
  • Thank you.
    All my partner says is that his parents were trying to protect him and that they think of me as me their own daughter. My family think that my partner could have done more to support me and because at a time when i needed everyone he slept with one of my mates.

  • hey roxi **big hugs**
    i think you both need to get out of your parents house's and be independant... your 18 they can't tell you what to do with your life... now matter how much they want to!
    how old is your partner? have you got your name down for a council house?
    congrats on the pregnancy, hope you get everything sorted hun xx.
  • hi.
    My partner is 18. But we can't get a council house where i live until i am 21. The only place i can go is a hostile but your partners are not allowed to come in as it is all women.

  • would renting be an option? we had to rent a place while we waited for our council house... sorry if i'm being too nosey!
  • No it is the same as trying to get a council house. It is really hard up here. No your not being nosey.

  • Oh hun, i dont know what to say except you really would be beteer to get out and away from both sets of parents. I know yours are looking after you and his after him but in the end they will tear you both apart. If his mum has such a hold over him then and probably now she will try and take over when the baby is born and you mum will probably be the same.
    Also hate to sound awful but your partner was a selfish git cheating on you when you needed him the most, i hope he has grew up now that you will soon be parents yourselves. I just want to wish you all the best hun, good luck. xxxxx
  • It's too late my partner broke up with me. He said he really does love me but he can't put up with my dad no more (i don't live with my mum, i live with my step-dad). I want to be him so much but we found out my dad has cancer and i don't want to leave him as he is like a real dad to me. I want to be here for my family but i want to be with my partner. I feel so selfish. I don't know what to do anymore.

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