to much pressure on mums these days

just quickly wanted to say while reading through what most of you are writing i felt i had to put in my say....... why do us lot (mums) hav to do everything? look after the kids , go to work , cook , clean , smile lovingly at the inlaws on there surprise visits to wind up the kids before bed time!!!!!!!!!!listen to their crap advice and why super nanny didnt exsist in ther day cause they were so bloody good!!!!!!but they didnt have the pressures that we have today did they?!!oh i could go on and on,the hubby as lovely as he is feels like my third child sometimes(i have a 5 year old and a 4 month old baby)-(and a 30 year old hubby(son))!!!!!!!anyway im stopping now might do some more whinging tomorrow or i might be in a better mood!!!!!!!!!::\?


  • well you have probably read my post tonight. they think we are wonder woman. dont think oh thinks i get tired am just supposed to go on. dont get me wrong he does help sometimes (not you say he is my 30year old son (im only 29 so pretty impossible). lol
  • im 29 too ,immaculate conception! if someone says the word tired in my house they will get that look!!!!!no one is as tired as i
  • hes always tired. we will see how tired he is on monday. he got lo all day. i will be expecting my dinner a clean house and the shopping done. as if.
  • yeah well good luck on that one!when i leave them home i come back to find them infront of telly watching simpsons or sponge bob square bloody pants!!!!
  • yeah im sure thats where i will find her. or he puts her his lap while a plays the playstation supposidly she likes it. she doesnt know any better shes 9 months old. might just take playstation to work with me.
  • good idea....i feel much better now i know im not the only one!thanks for the chat but im gonna try and catch some zzz now before lo decides its breakfast time!!!lol
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