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my fiancee is working in iraq and im 29 weeks pregnant!!

Im pregnant with my first baby, my fiancee is currently in iraq and its awful. I feel so alone and miss him terribly, i know he is hating every second of being out there too and desperatly wants to come home for the birth of our baby boy on May 2nd, unfortunately he wont be back until June image
I am worried about him being out there, even though he has been last year so he knows what to expect from it but i still worry like mad. . i cant enjoy my pregnancy while he is out there at all.
Anyone else in same situation? Sophia x x x


  • hi sophia, can you not appeal to his regiment to allow compassionate leave although my husband isn't out there his brother is and we wrote a letter to his unit in gloucester while he was in iraq asking for him to be allowed leave to attend our wedding last year and he was granted it so it might be worth asking. sorry your finding it so hard, i hope your not having a difficult pregnancy and good luck with everything....anita xx
  • I have contacted the jccc in gloucester and the staffords welfare officer but they wont allow him compassionate leave unfortunately. .
    My baby is fine and healthy thankfully, ill just have to wait for him to come home in June. x
  • thats awful that they won't let him home for something this important, have you got a supportive family who have you got to be your birth partner? i'm due the week after you but it's my 4th so my husband actually asked if he had to be and surely i could do it myself this time {cheeky bas****} the best advice i can give is try to relax for the next few weeks {hard i know} and when you have your baby take lots and lots of pictures so he doesn't miss too much, again good luck....anita xx
  • I do have a great family and my fiancee's family r great too. He will b back early june anyway so ill just have 2 count down the days until he is back. Thanks for replys x x good luck 2u too, Sophia
  • Hi mami2be. Its horrible isn't it? My fiancee is due to come back early june, just as yours is going. He went last year aswell for 9 months, this time he went end of october and comes back in early june. Its really stressful, trying 2 get compassionate leave but as you say they dont give a shit if your not married. I know exactly how your feeling though, try to stay positive, i know how hard it is on both of you. Is he staying in army? My fiancee has just signed off, so he has just over 12 months left now. Sophia x x
  • Hi Sara. Don't worry about feeling your going to be a bad mother, you won't at all. I find it really difficult aswell to be honest, my fiancee was in Canada last year too! Its horrible isn't it? I worry about the birth with him not being here & not seeing our son when he is born. What part of Iraq is he going to? My fiancee is in Basra at moment. I get to speak to him on the phone few times a week and he txts me loads which helps. It is really difficult, he has been to Iraq before for 9 months. I was really down when he went, he was back for his r&r which was nice, and he had 2 come back for a court martial thing so he had 10 days back here in November. Just have to wait til June, im here if u wanna chat anyway. Take care. Sophia x x x
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