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single mom? help? :(

i really need advice on what the hell i can do?
im 21 with a 10mth old. ive fallen totally out of love with my partner...i hate being in this position! ive gone to leave about 20 times now and feel like im going to become one of those women that keep saying there leaving and never do then get walked all over.

now i resent him all the time! hes hardly spend a penny on his son and ive had to buy everying from my small amount of benifits. hes not a bastard just brain dead!

im sick to death of the rows and him moaning all the time and i want out but i dont know how to go about it i cant move back to my moms as that would be my first choice. i really dont want to move out of or house as ive made it what it is but obviously im the one with out money!

who do you speak to and what wouls be my first step???



  • have you thought of speaking to citizens advice maybe? Or your local benefits office to see what they can offer you as a single parent in terms of housing and benefits?
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