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cant believe hes done this to me..

i really am so upset oh got in from work and told me hes leaving me....

hes apparently not as ready as he thought for a baby...doesnt really love me but didnt wanna upset me by saying no to a baby yet...WTF!!!!!!

im so lost and confused dont know what to do now.... y ??????

me1975 xx

p.s sorry 4 the moan xx


  • well hun i just could not ignore this post - even though i cant imagine what ur going through ( it must be terrible ) i just want to give you my deepest sympathy , .. i dont udnerstand why they love you until you fall pregnant and then they all of a sudden dont ? did u ave any instincts about this or is it out of the blue hunn? If he wasnt ready for a baby then thats his fault for leading you on ! he should grow up to his responsibilites this child may not be here yet but its HIS and its part of THIS WORLD ! i would slap him silly and tell him to wake up too himself you couldnt have done this on your own , & what does he mean by his leaving you - he isnt going to be there for this unborn child ? image aw hun srsly i havent bin in dis position so the only advice i cn give you is make sure this is what you want cos its nothing you can take back .. dont let him get you down & if he walks out his not worth it anyway , even though i wouldnt be able to ahndle him im sure yur a strong girl hun , just talk to other single mums - & take the bastard to court .. sorry i culdnt be of ne help !! this stuff jus gets me angry image ..

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