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My friend has had still born and I have a 7 week old

Hi guys,

Just feeling so upset at the moment. One of my best friends has lost her baby at term plus 14 days. She went into get induced and not sure what happened but they found out that the baby had died. I feel awful because I have a 7 week old girl and we usually see eachother every week so not sure how my friend will cope with us now. Anyone else been through this or know what I can do to try and help her without making her feel worse with lo around?

I feel so guilty for having such a beautiful lo and she has lost hers.


  • huge hugs to you, your friend and her family!!

    my mate went into preterm labour at 23 weeks. she had a baby girl who lived for 6 weeks. i was pregnant at the time, and when i gave birth was scarred to send her a picture as we had a baby girl too.

    dont avoid your friend. she needs all the support she can get, it wont be easy for her to see your baby but she will value your support and friendship x
  • Thanks,

    My pal and her hubby have asked if they can come round tonight to see us. I offered to go to them and my sister would watch Ella but she insisted on seeing Ella and us and wants to come to us so I just hope she can cope with it all when we see her.

    She only gave birth on wednesday so I hope its not all too soon. Funeral is this week so that will be difficult. I find myself thinking about what they are going through and bursting into tears. Just can't contemplate what they are feeling at the moment.

    Must have been difficult for your pal - especially when the baby survived for 6 weeks. It's such a terrible thing but happens more than you think.
  • Hi Hun, I am sorry, I don't really have any words of advice for you really but wanted to say I hope the visit goes ok.
    Be honest with your friend and if you don't know what to say to her tell her you don't know what to say, that's probably the best thing....
    Can't imagine such an awful event....xx
  • Hi hun, my sis in law lost her baby at 38 + 2 and she is still hurting and she lost her lo just over 2 years ago. Its very hard but as everyone says dont avoid her and if she needs to see Ella and cry then let her, she might find this as a way to release her pain. All you can do is be there for her when she needs you. xxxxx
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