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Feelin a lil down atm.

Hey Guys,

I'm worried about my OH atm he's put his notice in at work a couple of days ago. Yeah he needs to get out of that job before his mental sanity breaks again, but with things the way they are what if he can't find another job??? because he put himself out of work we won't be entitled to any help! my dad is taking him to the DWP to see if anything be done about his work situation, either find out if he can have em done for constructive dissmissal, or vitimisation or something like that.....but i just can't see us getting any money out of it tbh! and trust me we're already up to our eyes in debt and this is the last thing i need right now. GAH! gotta make him a doc app on monday cos he's gotta go back on the AD's again and he's talking about going for counselling too--which i never thought i'd see the day! But its the whole money situation that is getting to me now, that and the fact i can't be much help to anyone atm cos my PGP is soooo bad. Sorry for the rant. :\( :cry:


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