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rant page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • yeah they may need 2 change dictionary

    moaning= kirsty,lol
  • im not doing as well had 2 puffs on a ciggi about 12.30!
    on the + side only 2 puffs not full fag. x
  • im not doing as well had 2 puffs on a ciggi about 12.30!
    on the + side only 2 puffs not full fag. x
  • agggggggggg! mi posts r either coming up twice or not at all 2day its driving me mad!!
  • just wondering if this post shows up
  • so glad he started making effort babe, and lets hope ur b/day pressie is fab!
    smoked half a fag earlier, made me balk!! bin feelin bit off colour today though so serves me right. take care of u 2 babe.xx
  • sorry babe 4got 2 say well done no choc!!!!!!!!!!
    gillian mckeith does an alternative if u get desperate. lol. xx
  • oh, wh, it just gets worse!
    but at least u have finally got all the answers and u can move on and hopefully find a decent and honest woman, and as brodiesmum says, hope ur not put off coz we really arnt all bad,
    take care. xx
  • she not having a relationship as they dont know eachother well enough?
    am i missin summat? he is a key factor in the end of ur marrige and she is spending many nights with him,by my reckoning it dont exactly make them strangers.
    and yeah it will serve him bloody right when it all goes pear shaped. xx
  • definately better off out of it!!! she is on another planet! and i ussually feel very uncomfortable slayin women!
    u really should think about cloning ur self as i think there is a lot of ladies around the country in need of such a devoted man! lol u would never have 2 work again! get it bottled mate, he he
    on a more serious note i really do hope ur begining to fell better and on ur way to starting again and happy b/day for ur lo. xx
    let us know how it goes. xx
  • im gonna have a moan now, soz.
    bf says he wants 2 come and play daddy on sun at 1pm, well he is very aware that im obsessed with my roast wich is on the table at half 1 - 2pm
    its the most enjoyable meal of the wk, older kids c 2 oliver while i cook and we all talk about our week ect,so i asked if he really wanted to do sun could it b in the morning, no reply. cant get hold of him at all and its really pissin me off! i dont even know why he suddenly started being sooo unreasonable! he works 8 to 4 in wk but finishes at 12 on fri so he has all wkend 2 play daddy but insisting on sun lunch and im sick of us having to wait 4 our lunch and kids gettin hungry coz he dont wanna join us, i think he is just being a git 4 the sake of it! sun lunch is special i even iron the table cloth and fold napkins!
    starter main and dessert,sad i know but we r at the table 4 ages wich is lovely. am i being unreasonable?
  • Don't think you're being unreasonable at all! Like you said he has all weekend to see the kids, he's got no real reason for it to be sunday lunchtime, except to annoy you!
  • i ask every wk if he wants lunch but he always turns offer down.
    not offering this wk though as after we talked last week about putting lots of effort into making us work he seems 2 have gone the other way!
    dont know wats going on in his head and dont think i care anymore
    but he certainly aint gettin any more free dinners!!
    dont know if he is gonna turn up regardless as i cant get hold of him!
    very sad and childish behaviour, may need to remind him of his age and responsibility!
  • ur doing well babe!
    im not doing 2 bad i had a full fag yesterday eve
    but during the day just the odd puff on a couple then putting em out
    i havnt bought any either but got some left from other day so when they r gone hopefully that will b it. xx
  • had a few txts off him askin if im ok wat im up 2 this wkend and sorry 4 being all over the place.
    well i bloody ignored em!! lol
    c how he likes it.
    not had a fag yet (only coz its raining)
    been munching cashew nuts though, not good!!!!!!!!!

  • im gonna ignore him until he works his butt off tryin 2 win back my affection, lol
    and if he dont it wont matter!
    cashews may b better than fags but ohhhh so fattening! and i just done a 100g bag! lol.
    hows it goin with ur oh? dropped any hint about those diamonds. xx

    have i already said ur pic is sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!xx
  • u never know babe ur numbers might come up on the lottory then u can shower ur self in diamonds and champers!lol
    did ur friend ring him ?
    i hope it works out 4 u hun,but glad u fell u can do it on ur own if need be, do u have lots of family/friends support? hope so.
  • im glad u got plenty of support babe, it makes it sooo much easier wat ever happens!
    and although he is a t**t at the mo,hopefully he will wake up and realise wat he stands to lose!xx
  • hi babe, so sorry ur babe isnt well, and about her sight going back when she was gaining some vision, does she fit a lot hun? of course u feel fed up, it must be soooo emotionaly draining, she is very beautiful by the way!
    i hope she feels better soon as her mouth is prob really sore. and u do rhyme
    ur a poet and u didnt know it!
    take care babe and u know where 2 come if u need a moan, support or just cheering up!
  • im doin ok today, not done 2 much moanin 4 a
    ur nooooo waaaaaaaaaaay a bad mum hun
    when my older son was diagnosed adhd and autistic traits( its not black and white so he not diagnosed autistic) but keeps gettin tested as he shows signs of autism, aspergers.
    i thought my world had ended, my beautiful little boy wasnt "normal"
    as mums we learn 2 adapt but i still have sad days about it wich is normal.
    on my xmas list is a new improved bf, failing that i spose id settle 4 a very rich man with a bloody good soh! lol. xx
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