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rant page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • lets hope santa delivers, coz i aint kissing anymore frogs! lol
    hope everyone is ok today, the sun has come out for a change. xx
  • my legs are always under cover!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    do ya think he will ever stop doin sats?
    thats the prob we had, only he wasnt working just doing his own thing!(apparantely not his prob if i cant get a babysitter)
    it makes it harder to work things out if u dont get a little quality time together.
    and ruthyb, dont go thinkin he been a to***r is coz ur a size 16 hun coz it sooooooooooo aint
    though a have had moments when i thought maybe if i lost a bit of weight im 12/14 and short!
    but thought sod that the list wld get endless like maybe if i went blonde, or had a brazilian ect ect
    and he wld still b a t***er!
    so im stayin brunette( with a hint if grey) and really down the leg hairy downstairs just 2 piss him off, lol
    no really i do trim and hint of grey is load of b*****ks bring on the hair dye!!! lol. xx
  • hopefully ur reminder will work babe. and my bloke the same if we r ok he thinks thats it all is well again,but it sooooooooo aint!
    i did relent about him wanting 2 come tomorrow i said he wld av 2 come in mornin and piss off b4 dinner is done and guess wat thats too early 4 him and has now made "other plans" no doubt a sad attemt at makin me wonder wat he is up 2!
    but this giant milkybar and glass of wine i have in front of me says" TAKE ME TAKE ME KIRST"so looks like im sooooo not arsed about his "other plans" lol.xx
    night in with choc over sad act bf anyday!!! lol. x
  • malibu and pineapple? is that nice then?
    i got a bottle malibu in kitchen unopened from xmas, never tried it and i dont even know how it got here, it wasnt there b4 xmas! lol
    well done no choc babe i had 4 fags today! not bad but not good either.
    im showing no interest in his life at all coz i know it pisses him off, ha ha. xx
  • my new digital camera came today and i was gonna bombard the gallery with oliver, lol. but all the pics i take are over 100kb so they wont go on!
    really wanted to get some up to date uns on but i dont even know wat a bloody kb is,lol
    will have to use daughters phone to do it as all those are from her phone
    bloody technology drives me mad!, i still use mi big camera wat u put a film in, alien behaviour according to my family,lol. xx
    yes u will def have 2 get brodie on babe!!!. xx
  • oh soooo glad its not just me then! i only been online a couple months 2, mother gave me her computer b4 she buggered off 2 another country! said i need 2 get with the program! mothers hey?
    so glad i got on this site though as i would prob have been sat feelin sorry 4 mi self or even god forbid carried on takin crap from mi bf!
    anyway cant wait 2 c brodie in gallery!
    hope brodie sleeps ok 4 ya babe and hope that 5am start gets a little later 4 ya!
  • hi girls, glad i found this page, haven't seen it before! i would love to moan and groan but oh sitting beside me so better not lol!! there is something on my mind and i am about to have it out with him, wish me luck!!
  • hope it went ok curlyclaire!
  • hope everyone has had a good day today
    mine been ok ish the kids dont like asparagus!!
    no sounds from bf yet so he was prob out on the piss all day!
  • have you told his family wht he is edoing to you?? i'm sure getting it out in the open may give you the advantage, sure they would not approve of what he is doing to you, especially if you tell them how it makes you feel in front of him, watch him go red with embarrassment
  • i am sooo fed up with changing dirty nappies!! this might sound odd but my lo has had diarreah for 9 days now and i am changing pooey nappies about 10-15 times a day!! arghgh, he's done it again, only changed him half hour ago - god this is boring. just been to gp for second time about it and he has given me some medicine to try and clear it up. normally wouldn't give him medicine but i am worried about him. also bloody gp told me to take him straight to a and e becuase he must be dehydrated and would need to go on a drip!! he is not ehydrated because i am feeding him LOAdS and giving ihm cool boiled water in between feeds! his fontanelle isn't sunk, his eyes are clear and his skin is supple. stupid man! he then agreed that he wasn't dehydrated. stupid man tried to scare the living daylights out of me! grrr :evil:
  • i hope u get a solid poo soon babe!
    im gonna have a quick moan, been to mothercare to take my new stroller back as its faulty
    it can take up to 2 wks for it to come back and the only loan buggy they had is a horrendus 1 with a big plastic framed raincover like i had for my daughter 15yr ago!
    and the handle is really high up and it dosnt look 2 clean. grrrrrrrrrr,not a happy shopper today
    on the up side after waiting over 3 wk, my lo photos finaly ready,not that they rang to let me know, i poped in on the off chance!.
    mini rant over. xx
  • thank god for tumble driers!! its sunny here today,
    the buggy is going back tomorrow!
    they just rang to say mine aint getting fixed as they have been recalled due to the fault i had, so gonna look atsome diff ones, oliver aint bothered wat he is in, its me, pram snobbery is a terrible disease,lol,
    its a shame coz i really liked the one i bought as it folded really small and looked a bit diff.
    anyhow there is nooooo waaaaaaay im pushing this orrible thing through town so ill b there at opening time,lol. xxx
  • omg! he is just soooooooo bloody adorable!
    well done babe ur gonna get sooooooooo many girlies knocking on ur door in a few years,lol. xxx
  • Thank god for this page!! I really wanna have a full on rant bout my SIL, but a bit scared she'll read it. Oh what the hell, she's caused me enough stress so here goes. She has a bad attitude... I asked her to be my BM when I got married-she laughed in my face. Two weeks after our wedding she moved in with her bf of 2 months(?). When I told her I was PG she squealed with excitment, but even though she lives 5 mins away, hasn't bothered even texting to see how I am!! Now, to top it off, she's gonna try for a baby! She lives in a rented flat she can't afford with her bf of 1 yr, and is lazy. I'm so cross-why does she need to do it now?? My best mate and I hav come to the conclusion she's jealous. She's only a year older than me, and I'm married, with a mortgage and good job, none of which she has. Last night she rang, didn't even have the couresy to say hello, just asked for my husband. She only ever rings us if she wants something-it's all take take take with no giving (not that we want anything from her...). Am I being unfair, or is my rant justified? x
  • hi joanne, my bf was in no rush 2 get back 2 it after i had oliver, wich made me think he didnt fancy me,but it turned out he thought i might b uncomfortable and also wanted me 2 get sleep as lo was still feeding 2-3 hours up 2 age 3m i was sooooooooo tired.
    have u asked oh if anything is bothering him?
    men dont multi task 2 well so if he got something on his mind might b worth asking,
    good luck babe!xx

    mrs v, i agree with brodiesmum she seems jealous and maybe a little insecure, if she dosnt have the courtesy to say hello or ask how u are then just ignore her. xx
  • Why o why have I not seen this before - i am queen rant. Brace yourselves for the most boring strope of your life, but fucking hell I'm moody - and maybe if i let my tourette fingers do the talking, I'll be abit better.
    Firstly I'm pissed off with most of my friends. I moved 15 minutes away from them nearly 7 years ago. And in all that time its always me doing the fucking running around - like the road to their house is one way. And since being pregnant one "best friend" in particular has made loads of comments about me being no use to her now i won't be up for boozing nights out and weekends away. She is on about booking to go away in Dec, now assuming I have this critter when hes due - he'll won't even be 3 months, not really sure shes grasped the concept of having children and how emotional it can be just being knocked up - does she honestly think I'd still want to go. I told her i wouldn't be going and she was just arsey.
    I should of mentioned that she is single and an angry bitch. She acts like the whole world owes her something because she is a middle child and her life is so crap. When ever we go anyway everything revolves around her, we all have to admire her "trimmed" hair, her nice bra, her earrings that are going to make her meet the man of her dreams - everything just ot boost her ego. And I've suddenly become really intolerant to her aggressivess and honesty. She would NEVER say anything to saves someones feelings - which I fucking hate. And another thing, I'm now 33 weeks pregnant and I don't think in all that time she has ever phoned me to see how i am, shes asked - when i've emailed her phoned her - but its almost like shes ignoring that fact I'm pregnant - fucking bitch.

    and then theres my fucking inlaws, but my oven chips are ready and some of you may have slipped into a coma so I'll save that for later,

  • Claire - had wondered why I hadn't seen you on this one! I have been ranting like hell on the due in dec as I have just found out:

    1 - have 9 times the safe level of lead in my drinking water which causes problems in the unborn fetus
    2 - my drinking water contains animal shit and bacteria that makes you sick,which explains why I have had the runs since being pregnant, just thought I was lucky escaping constipation!

    I am so f*cking furious I could scream! Had to have blood taken yesterday for hospital to carry out tests for lead poisoning...Found out today that the landlords KNEW about this before we moved in and let us carry on drinking the water for 4 months....only found all this out as I had to have water tested for my tea terrace...which is f*cked right out of the water no chance of opening up a cafe when all I can do is poison passers by!

    All I want to do is rip the bloody estate manager a new arsehole with my bare hands and then drown him in my b*stard posionous water...

    Hope you enjoyed your oven chips.

    Ladies who aren't Claire...really sorry to jump into your rant page like this...but I am :x

  • Shit the bed, that is awful, are there any tests for the baby - no wonder your so furious - and quite rightly. When do you get the results?

    I'll come and help you rip the new arsehole - it sounds fun, then I can practise it on everyone that gets on my tits. That's actually given me something to look forward to.
  • Hi

    Just been to my GP but the results for lead aren't back hopefully tomorrow some time. I am guessing that until they know how much lead is in my bloodstream they wont be able to give me an indication of how much could have crossed the placenta.
    So fingers crossed even though I have been drinking it for a while that I dont have any poisoning.
    Letter has gone off to The Lord as he is down as our landlord on our hopefully he will kick the arse big time of his estate manager. We know we would have pissed off the estate manager by going directly to his boss...but he hasn't even had the decency to acknowledge our letter which under the circumstances is appalling!
    Will let you know if I get the chance to get my revenge...but think hubby will hold me back. Think I will wait until there is a shoot going on and brandish hubbys gun about and accidently shoot him right in his meat and 2 veg... :lol:

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