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rant page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Bollocks to the estate manager - he wasn't thinking of you was he? How awful, its one thing doing something harmful to the baby in pregnancy that you shouldn't be doing - but when you don't know your doing it - thats awful, I would be just like you and be so upset.
    And if your husband holds you back, theres always me, I'll do it. I'll even bring my own gun - well my dads!!
  • Claire I reckon when we are more able to chase people we should round up everyone who pissed us off in pregnancy, stick them in a field and just SHOOT... :x
  • OH YES PLEASE, I've never shot a gun before - but it can't be that hard, i'll get some lessons from my dad and i'll be on my way. Actually - lets just get the hounds to do the chasing whilst we sit down and then we can shoot them.
  • Oh - I do, but mine has just walked in with a pukka pie and chips, and I'm cheap like that - but theres always tomorrow x
  • Hi Brodiesmum

    Well...cannot really grumble about my other half as he is being really good! But the estate manager is still a man and he is a total t*sser!! He will be a p*ssed off t*sser as well tomorrow when he gets his copy of the letter we sent to his boss, the Lord!!!

    Just trying not to think too much about the blood results at the plasma and glucose are fine...the lead levels will come back tomorrow.

    Gotta keep smiling and thinking positive though.


  • Hi ladies I know this is a rant page but callyb and claire21 You rock I havent laughed that much in ages keep ranting your so funny
  • \hope everything goes ok with your blood results callyb and as for your mate claire21 if that what you call her what a bitch
  • Thank you - will keep you posted re blood results.
  • its all been going on here today!lol, hope the blood tests r ok babe and hope everyone has had an ok ish day other than plotting to kill an estate manager,lol. xx
  • OHHHHHH just watched an hour of Victoria beckham and I'm ready for a fight. God how fucking annoying was she?
  • well, I'd quite like some practise - who were you thinking about shooting, maybe i could do it for you?
  • oh bloody hell - why whats wrong?
  • i ended up with maclaren quest, it ok, lot heavier than my other 1, but i can get a bag of spuds and 2 bottles wine in the shopping basket wich is a bonus! lol. xx
  • dont think i could manage 3 glasses nevermind 3 bottles,lol
    how r u and oh doing? ok i hope
    bf pissed off as he wanted 2 come on fri after work but he cant this wk as im going 4 meal to celebrate completing la leche course and get mi certificate, he aint a happy bunny,asked if id cancel and get em to post certificate! cheeky git!
    and still no sign of me gettin mi ??50 back either!
    agggggggggg, men!!!!. xx
  • yeah thats prob wats on his mind!
    he got no bloody hope
    mind u i would like another baby,lol
    but im certainly not missin mi meal!
    glad u and oh r doin ok lhope he does give up sats!!. xx
  • mother of all rants!!!!!!!!!!!
    put oliver 2 bed at 6.45, at 7.15 i hear a popping kinda sound on baby monitor, go up 2 see and oliver is fucking soaked and so is his cot! adams family that live above us left a fucking tap on and it gone into my b/room right above oliver!
    took lo downstairs and went straight up 2 them(in mi pjs) told em wat happened 2 my lo and she just stood there without a care in the world and said sorry the boys left tap on and they just sorted it.
    i mentioned that it wasnt 1st time as when they 1st moved in their washer pipe came loose and soaked all my towels in bathroom with dirty water!
    she just looked at me and said "wat can i do"
    fuckin ell have these people never encountered running water before? wat did they do before go to a fucking well!!!
    its bad enough they dont have carpets so hear em constantly banging about!
    fucking unbelivable, didnt seem 2 give a shit about wat their carelessnes does 2 me and especially my baby!!
    im not a violent person but my god did i wanna punch her fucking lights out! good job i didnt as she is preggers
    i have never met such a no mark family in my fucking life!!!!!!!
    off 2 council tomorrow to give em greif!!
    they live like fucking animals! it stunk of dog shit when she opened door and there is a litter tray full of cat shit outside the front door. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    rant over folks. xx
  • sorry folks but im still pissed off as just gone out 4 a fag( and im tryin 2 stop!) and had 2 listen 2 them cooing over thier bloody cat!
    txt bf to tell him wat happend and no bloody reply!! i really feel like the world has got it in 4 me!!!!!!!!!
    christ im not that bad why me? why everything at once?
    now im never gonna sleep again coz will worry wat animals upstairs will do next!
    grrrrrrrrrrr! times like this i wish bf wasnt such an ah
    and wish my family didnt live in another bloody country, and wish i hadnt binned all my mates off yrs ago 2 acommodate jealous bf!!!!!!!!!
    thimk will av a cry and get it over with and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr stop being such a mardy arse,lol xxx
  • the animals can stay but the ownera MUST go! oliver is ok now he was a little frightened though as im sure he knew it wasnt bathtime again so soon, i went to bathroom and had an almighty cry and felt sorry 4 mi self a bit, feel bit better now but its suddenly dawned on me how hard its gonna b on my own, just little things 2day like handing oliver 2 my big lo while i run up 2 adams family!
    i know ill cpoe coz shit like this cant happen every day!
    mother want us 2 go over 4 a couple wk but i cant find anyone 2 countersign our passports!
    life is a bitch! and i just poured a glass of that wine i got! he he. xx
  • i know we must be soooooooooo mad! glass of wine was lovely, and hope u get a lovely pressie! xx
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